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On Monday, we reported our comments feature was working again. Sadly, our operatives (as they sometimes are) were misinformed. But, thanks to Ian King (who will be paid handsomely for his yeoman work), that feature should now be back in service. So post away and let us know if your messages don't make it onto our front page.


who stole the comment line

Merry posting...

Yea the King is alive and Well! The King Lives!

Hey everyone. It's Dagmar.

Thank God the comments section is working again. I have a few things I need to get off my chest...

Goddamn corrupt can-west global hackers. They shut us down but they cannot hide.I hear a knock at the door delete this pos

Okay, I need a forum to vent...

The Liberal Ban on Handguns: What a stupid idea. Do they really think it is law abiding citizens who register their handguns who are committing the crime. They have to give their heads a shake. I think that criminals are gonna ignore the ban...

The Federal NDP: Good God. No tax cuts, no blasting of the gun registry, no pro-BC message. Just the same banal formulaic drivel about frickin windmills and star wars. And nothing about crime except some crap about tackling the economic causes. What about deporting street racers? What about locking up child molesters? I guess if you just gace them all a bus pass and eine welfare cheque then their problems would bo away. News flash: The majority of BC'ers want their politicians honest, their taxes lower, and their criminals hanging from a tree. But long suffering New Dems like myself must continue to hope that someday someone will get it.

There, I feel better!


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