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Who's that we see challenging the "proven leadership" of Port Moody-Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam Conservative MP James Moore? Why it's none other than independent candidate Greg Watrich - once a proud member of Mr. Moore's constituency association executive. And what possible reason could he have for wanting to knock Mr. Moore off? Here's a hint: Mr. Watrich was once president of the Unity Party, running for them in the last provincial election. And his resume also lists him as being on the pastors advisory council of Foursquare Church and a Sunday school teacher. Still can't guess?

Well, the correct answer is helpfully underlined on Mr. Watrich's campaign Website: "it has become clear that our local Conservative MP has rejected one of the main commitments of his party from the previous election - to defend the traditional definition of marriage. Even after massive public protests, he has chosen to support the Liberals Same-Sex Marriage Legislation."

Mr. Watrich then goes onto write that, "many Conservative Party members are supporting me to challenge our MP as an Independent candidate in the upcoming election to give each of us in Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam the opportunity to vote to restore our traditional values."

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this guy has the right idea.
he stands up for what he believes in.
We need more like him.
The idea of public service is to serve the public, not to be self serving and buy votes.
If you dont believe it dont stand for it.
Mr Watrich has integrity.
I hope he is sucessful in restoring family values.
One thing is for sure, he does not waver on his points.
Good show Mr. Watrich

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