Manufacturing consent?

Public Eye readers, astute and otherwise, will already be aware provincial New Democrat conventioneers voted this weekend in favour of an emergency resolution approving the "statement by (party leader) Carole James that ended support of Bill 17." And who was responsible for throwing that softball, you may wonder? Well, the motion credits the Burnaby-Willington and Oak Bay-Gordon Head constituency associations.

Coincidently, Ms. James's old school board chum Charley Beresford ran in Oak Bay-Gordon Head during the last election. And the candidate for Burnaby-Willington was Gabriel Yiu - who has, in his own words been helping caucus chair Jenny Kwan "build support in the Chinese community." Ms. Kwan was a member of the so-called "31 percent club" and, last week, yapped in favour of Liberal backbencher Lorne Mayencourt's support for Bill 17.

But wait, there's more! According to party gossipmongers, a number of the leader's West Wing watchers were frantically phoning around in the days before convention to find a constituency association willing to submit just such a softball resolution. So could it be the party loyalists in Oak Bay-Gordon Head and Burnaby-Willington took them up on that request?

Meanwhile, as reported today by The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer, a hardball resolution calling for a reversal of the raise was distributed but not read out or debated at convention. According to Mr. Palmer, "organizers ruled it had been bypassed by events. Bill 17, the putative target, was already repealed." For the record, those organizers were the three members of the convention's resolution committe: caucus research officer and former party president Maura Parte, New Westminster and District Labour Council secretary-treasurer Carolyn Chalifoux and British Columbia Federation of Labour organizating director John Weir. The following is a complete copy of that resolution, which was authored by the New Democrats of Vancouver-Kensington



Bill 17 - MLA Wages, Benefits and Pension Improvements

WHEREAS the BC Government legislated Bill 17 on November 17, 2005 that will substantially increase MLAs' wages by at least 15% and re-establisha pension plan; and

WHEREAS Bill 17 was passed unanimously be the legislature in two (2) hours and with no public consultation; and

WHEREAS the BC NDP caucus endorsed this secretive approach with no reference to the BC NDP party or its community allies; and

WHEREAS this legislation was rammed through two days before BC's municipal elections, which undermines the public's trust of progressive candidates; and

WHEREAS Bill 17 was passed a week before the BC NDP Convention, which will compromise the credibility of the party; and

WHEREAS there was no regard shown by the BC NDP caucus towards health care workers who continue to suffer under the regressive wage rollbacks and increased work time mandated by Bill 37,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the BC NDP condemn the secretive actions of the BC legislature in imposing Bill 17; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the BC NDP support Carole James' call for the government to withhold Royal Assent and Proclamation of Bill 17 until there is an independent panel published for a full public review and input, and a report to the legislature in the Spring; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the BC NDP demand that the implementation of the provisions of Bill 17 be suspended until Bill 37 is repealed.

Vancouver-Kensington NDP Constituency Executive and
Vancouver-Kensington NDP Delegation to Convention

cope 15


The other bill was not as secretive as you are suggesting. The resolution that was not read out was placed at every single seat at every single table. No hiding.

In fact, you have manufactured conspiracy.

You have listened to a couple of whiners who are conspiracy-minded as well, and fallen for it.

There was no hiding of the resoultion, it just doesn't make sense when it refers to something that no longer exists. In fact, before the chair noted that, I was trying to figure out why it was even on the table.

You're starting to show your bias, Sean. You're the one softiballing...but it's to the Libs.

And if there really was a big back room thing to sink this all, a resolution on the issue would never have seen the light of day and been opened to the delegates to comment on. It would have been referred to Provincial Council.

How is managing issues any different that what any party does, anyway?

Where are your Lib articles? Noticeably lacking, these days.

You think there's no corruption in the Liberal party still? Or do you like to leave any evidence or suggestion of that type out?

I too would like to see more of your in-depth investigation on the wage hike, but this time into how much heat the Libs got, and more critical comment on their response to it all, besides spinning against the NDP.

When all else fails bring out the old bias toward the Liberals defence. It doens't work. The NDP have been making resolutions for many things that never happen but keep right on doing so. It fills in the time and let's a few get up to talk real seriously about things. Used to be about nationalizing banks. don't like banks, join a credit union. As regular as clockword a resolution used to surface about how non Indian tenants have no rights when they live on reserve land. Never ever got to the table.Always referred back to some committe that buried it one more time. But the folks who never lived there, sure would argue it would be demeaning to the band if it ever came up

Leave the on line editor alone. Because if he brings up stuff agaianst another party, well he is just the greatest guy. can't have it both ways folks.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the BC NDP demand that the implementation of the provisions of Bill 17 be suspended until Bill 37 is repealed.

Kind of ironic that such Union friendly language would be proposed at the very convention where that cozy relationship with big labor is being rebranded.

Small wonder why the dippers on here are so whiney and defensive.

Shoot the messenger I should say.

The reason why both conservatives as far back as Mulroney and NDPers as long as they have been alive complain about media bias for people like Holman, while Libs don' because the media like Holman have a bias.

I can deal with this journalism except for the fact he manufactured a conspiracy. I think the article could be fair game.

I am just saying I would ALSO like to read the equivalent stories about the Libs.

I am asking for cutting articles on ALL parties.

Real cutting. Not softballing.

An interesting motion from the two constituencies that have their heads up Carole's ass the most.

Some would say that Beacon Hill has the greatest amount of Carole supporters, White Boy.

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