Another way of finding red meat at convention

Provincial New Democrats conventioneers weren't the only ones living the Terminal City high life yesterday evening. As we earlier reported, those covering the party convention ditched an offer to attend the Dippers' fundraising dinner and instead went for a "vegeterian" meal at Memphis Blues Barbeque House, chowing down on three of the restaurant's trademark $64 Elvis Platters. Also getting their carnivore fix at the event were caucus communications director Jim Rutkowski, New Democrat leader Carole James's press secretary Scott Perchall and Trish Webb - who occupied the same post when Glen Clark was premier.


Finding red meat? I looked at the menu and immediately got heartburn. What the heck is "pulled pork" and is it served on a plate ... or what. Barffffff.

Pulled pork? Get your mind out of the gutter and into the barbecue pit .
"On its basic level, southern style barbecue is smoked pork. It is often called pulled pork because of the way it is prepared. The smoked meat is simply pulled apart by hand, although it is also found sliced, shredded or chopped. But it is also more than a meal. One of the oldest definitions of barbecue is an event where people gather to share good food. These events were frequently prepared for political, religious or social gatherings.

The simplified version of preparing pulled pork is to take a pork shoulder and put it in your smoker. Cook until the internal temperature of the meat reaches at least 165o, the safe temperature for pork. However, higher internal temperatures make the meat easier to work with. Do not exceed 190o. By this time most all the fat will have melted away and the tough connective tissue called collagen will be broken down. The meat should be tender enough to be pulled apart by hand. Kept warm, the tender meat is served up on a white bread bun with a table sauce for the diners to add as they see fit. You will usually see it served with cole slaw, either on the side or in the bun."

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