He was there for medicinal purposes

Earlier, your humble organ reported provincial New Democrat rank-and-filers would be paying up to $100 to attend tonight's Celebration 2005 fundraising dinner with party leader Carole James, her big federal brother Jack Layton and his mustache (Public Eye passim). But those weren't the only luminaries at the dinner. Former interim provincial party leader Joy MacPhail was spotted, as were ex-premiers Dave Barrett and Dan Miller (guess his new boss doesn't mind him schmoozing with the socialists). Gord McAdams, the government ecologist who was fired for leaking confidential documents to save a painted turtle habitat, turned up. And so did (drumroll please) Marc Emery, Canada's prince of pot.


Marc Emery is a far right politician with views antithetical to social democracy.

He is also a big dope.

well looks like an across the board sort of party. darn, if I had known Joy was going it would have made a big difference to my calander
I can only believe they are reaching out for new members, ones who can afford 100 bucks to get in.If one lives on the islandone needs a expensive slow ferry plus a overnight stay the cost gets even higher. To bad Joy next time maybe.

No kidding on Emery. I saw an interview with him once on a local cable show, and was surprised to hear that a number of his comments seemed to tend towards fascist. Scared the hell out of me.

John N,

Mr. Emery, is about as libertarian as they get. (Which is very different from fascist). I wish some of you guys would learn that fascisms a very different belief structure, and really, in the context of the last century shouldn't be thrown around lightly.

Fascism places the state good above the individual good, and is actually linked closer to socialism that to liberalism. People like Mr Emergy, place individual freedoms foremost, and argue that the state has no role.

Yet he's signed up thousads of new members to the NDP in the past couple of years...

Here are my tips from friends who attended:

BC Fisheries Survival Coalition leader Phil Eidsvik was in attendance.

The dinner contained only a chicken breast entre plate, no salad or soup before hand, and no desert. There was no vegetarian option so some went quite hungry for their $100. The comedy show was a complete bust. All in all, it appears the dinner was arranged by the same genuises who handled the MLA pay raise.

May I ask why would they schedule the convention the same time as the Grey Cup? They know in advance that the Grey Cup means the hotels in downtown will be full and you won't be able to find discount accommodations for delegates. The grey cup and its events would dominate the news front page. Also, those who enjoy the Grey Cup festivals will miss most of the 6pm newscast. No one in town even notice the NDP is having its convention. Maybe that's the strategy.

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