Would you like some cabbage with that chardonnay?

The provincial New Democrat constitution may still embrace the principles of democratic socialism. But you can be guaranteed the party's bobos won't be serving borscht tonight, at Celebration 2005 - a $100 ticket fundraiser being held at the Westin Bayshore Resort and Marina's ballroom. Attending said fundraiser will be party convention delegates, their provincial leader Carole James, her caucus and Ms. James's big federal brother Jack Layton. Meanwhile, those covering the New Democrats this weekend (as well as some caucus staffers) will be munching at the Memphis Blues Barbeque House.

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My gosh ,my appointment caledar is so heavy rigth now I will have to forgo the event. Darn But as Layton spend a fair amount of time in the province drummimg up federal support no doubt the opportunity will rise again. I can see James for free as she is my MLA, someday I should go find her office and do some finger food.

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