The taxing consequences of personal gain

It seems federal New Democrat patriarch Ed Broadbent has some stern words for provincial party leader Carole James...sortof. In a statement republished in the Dippers' newsletter and distributed to conventioneers, Mr. Broadbent outlines a seven point ethics plan for federal politicos. Point number one: "Democratic accountability should mean no MP can ignore his/her voters for personal gain." Mr. Broadbent, of course, is referring to MPs who "change parties, cross the floor, and become a member of another party without first resigning their seats and running in a by-election." But, a number of delegates are wondering whether that same principle should apply to MLAs who negotiate secretive deals to enrich their own bank accounts?


By any standard modern definition of the "fourth estate", the emphasis is on the media acting, in the public interest, as a check on the power of the other three estates. The last time I looked, the NDP had not been in power in BC for five years, and have no chance of being in power for at least another four years. Yet four of four stories on this blog today are about Carole James and/or the NDP. Similarly, the Canwest columnists spend an inordinate amount of time discussing the activites of the NDP. I suggest, at least until an election year, that the proportion of articles about the opposition (on the theory that they may, at some time, be in a position of power) should be about 1 in 10 at the most. It is the governing party that needs to be held to account by the media if it is to justify its role as the fourth estate.

I seriously doubt Ed was "stern" with Carole... Ed is of the civil school of politics.

The NDP would do well to remember that under his style of leadership their party had their best federal days.

Ed has been the kindest federal politician to talk to most have ever witnessed. Winning in politics is not about sounding more radical than your opponents.... Layton and Harper take note.

Keep truckā€™n Ed and enjoy your golden years; you have earned them.

Oh my, is the media manufacturing a family fued. Split the opposition, and aim for the net.

Ed Broadbent is a real gentleman who could stay in poitics as long as he wished. His wife is frail and he is doing the right thing.
If he pased a few jems to James and Co. they best listen.

Atually Ed will be missed in politics by people of all political stripes. We all wish him well in making family come first.

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