No standing on ceremony here

It seems some liquour distribution branch employees got into a spot of bother during a long service award ceremony at Government House on October 19. Speaking with Public Eye, the lieutenant governor's private secretary Herb LeRoy explained "The long service award is a recognition of "longtime, good public service (for civil servants). And it's the big event of their career. They come well-behaved and very excited about being presented to the lieutenant governor (Iona Campagnolo) and their minister. It's a big deal. And some of those who got too exuberant about the evening tended to ruin it for the others. Instead of clapping and hooting and cheering for their co-workers - which happens all the time - (the evening) had a bit of an edge to it. And that's the part that concerns us. But, as far as any fallout from it, it's really up to the organization - the ministry - to deal with it internally. The lieutenant governor isn't making an issue about it."


I have always found it unfortunate that civil servants are recognized for their time spent on the inside and not for what they have actually done to enhance and protect the public good.

Clearly, some of the inmates see the dark side to these ceremonies as well.

Civil servants do work hard and responsibly. If you don't like their mandates, join a political party and work to change the executive and the direction given through ligitimate political means... personal attacks serve no one. Governing and doing what we the voters mandate is not as easy as it sounds... cut the workers some slack.

Get a grip folks. Iona is a big girl and if you recall it was only a few years ago that John Turner then PM( the perpectual jock) patted her on the behind on national TV. She gave him a look that should have killed him.

The lady is a class act and there are lots of people who don't always show class.

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