Irish Times were had by all

Want to celebrate the end of the fall legislative session but don't have anywhere to go? Well, worry not because if you're a provincial government staffer, Earnscliffe Strategy Group Inc. has taken care of everything. Just show up to the Irish Times Pub, where the Ottawa lobbying firm is hosting a drink-up for ministerial and executive assistants and associated hanger-on-ers. Meanwhile, New Democrat members and staffers are already partying in the Opposition's caucus chamber, embedded deep within the fortified office known only as 201.


The whole idea of such an influence-peddling 'business' like this me sick to my f**king stomach.

Sir John A., too!Rather apt, don't you think, seeing as he was at least as scummy, drunk and corrupt as the current group of criminals running Ottawa.

And the only reason its fortified is to keep the likes of you out of it.

And not surprisingly, nobobdy wants to party with the NDP.

Just got a call from 201.

I can tell you there were no secret conversations going on, unless you count 'Yahhoo' being yelled out the window a secret conversation.

Lighten up, everyone.

Quick, somebody call the rcmp. If Earnscliffe Strategy Group Inc. is buying drinks for political staffers obviously there must be the buying and selling of favors, why else would this group be opening its wallet for political staffers.

Kevin, are you speaking from personal experience? Who want's to party with an ideologue like you?

You know what they say about political conventions: Go to Conservative conventions to get drunk, Liberal conventions to get laid, and NDP conventions to discuss policy.


You must be a Liberano and/or an employee of said group.


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