The freedom of retirement

Columbia Power Corp. president Lorne Sivertson may be retiring. But perhaps he should consider pursuing a second career - as a stand-up political comedian. According to our operatives, Mr. Sivertson entertained the 100 or so guests at his retirement party last night with a number of delicious one-liners directed at the eyebrow-raising actions of the Columbia Basin Trust. An example: "My personal dispute with the Columbia Basin Trust, not to put to fine a point on it and with all due respect, was a matter of principle." We'll let you use your imagination to fill-in what Mr. Siverston had to say about his principles versus those of the Columbia Basin Trust. Also in attendance at the party, which was hosted by Victoria's Queen Mother Waterside Cafe, was provincial New Democrat MLAs Katrine Conroy and John Horgan, as well as energy, mines and petroleum resources deputy minister Greg Reimer.


Wow. This is almost a story, almost interesting, and almost, just almost, worth putting on a website.

Interesting item. The strange weavings of the $500-million trust over the last 18 months, from a damning finance ministry audit through an abandoned scheme to sell its power-generation business to BC Hydro through the latest rejected proposal to expand its power-generation business, show that a lot more attention nneeds to be paid.

Sean has done some excellent coverage of the actitivities of the Columbia Basin Trust including the conflict of interest scandal involving Columbia Basin Trust, ZE Power and Ken Epp.

Unfortunately Columbia Basin Trust has a considerable purse from which to dole out goodies so the local members of the public and even the local media are reticent to say anything that might offend the foxes who are running the henshouse.

Meanwhile with the two exceptions of Sean Holman and Paul Willcocks no other columnist has bothered to cover this issue because apprently scandals don't rate coverage when they occur out in the Kootenays.

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