I hope you'll help my congratulate my husband's employer

Today, in the legislature, Liberal backbencher Joan McIntyre announced she will have "pleasure of attending the opening of Dundarave's redeveloped MarketPlace IGA. While the opening of a new supermarket may not be too significant to some, what the developers incorporated should be, as they have a concept that incorporates the new variety of housing that West Vancouver so badly needs...I hope that here in the House today, you'll help me congratulate all those involved from the property owner, the architects, the developer, H.Y. Louie Co. in rebuilding their MarketPlace IGA." Not mentioned in that speech though was the fact the former pollster once worked for IGA Canada operator H.Y. Louie Co. via her husband Andrew Pottinger's consulting company, AJ Pottinger & Associates Ltd. And Mr. Pottinger presently serves as a community relations advisor for London Drugs, which has been owned by H.Y. Louie Co. since 1976.


And here I thought that all that deflector spin away from the Children's Commission tragedy was actually being generated by the high rpm engine of the payraise fiasco.


Hey folks, if these sleezy folks willl try to pick your pocket why do you think they won't shill for relations in the house. Expect banners advertizing sales events and used car prices any minute now. The word Honourable should be banned in that place.

As the community relations advisor for London Drugs, AJ Pottinger was also involved in the company's move into Whistler in Joan MacIntyre's riding, perceived by many in the community, as a conflict of interest as the move was met with significant opposition.

How could the move into Whistler be seen as a conflict of interest??????

Sean - you're stretching here. Please get back to the real muckraking.

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