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As your humble organ (and the rest of the provincial press pack) earlier reported, the legislative assembly management committee's members were principally responsible for negotiating the MLA pay raise. That commitee meets in secret but publishes its minutes - a document that might provide some insight into why our elected representatives thought they could get away with this porkbarrelling. Pity those minutes aren't available. A jaunt down to the clerk of committees' office reveals that body's members haven't approved publication of those minutes since January. Although staffers noted that approval is expected come through later this week.


The new pay package brings MLA's up to the third highest paid in Canada. Makes sense. BC is the third largest province in Canada.

There is no way of doing this without inviting controversy. But I will bet my bottom dollar that the Liberals will lose their nerve and back down, just like Carole James did.

The lower you pay your MLA's, the worse crop you get (except, of course, those rich enough to afford wrecking their career by going into politics.)

Politicians get no respect, work harder than pretty much anyone else in society, and goofs like Sean Holman, who couldn't get elected dog catcher, snipe from the sidelines with cheap shots because they couldn't make it in the political arena.

Give me a break.

You must be an MLA or employed directly by one, because everyone else in the country understands the implications of all of this in the greater picture.

Your analysis is from within a small box of perspective.

I think there are plenty of people around the province that work as hard as a politician.

They also deserve 15%. They won't get it.

Maybe they should go on strike for their pay raise and see if anyone notices.

The chap from Strategic Thoughts, David Shreck did a good analysis of the being third argument today. He noticed that the new deal would put them almost at par with number two. His comments about MLA's who get to run departments hire very qualified professionals and suddenly think. Hey I'm their boss I should get as much or more.

A strange line of thinking as the MLA might be a small town used car salesman or a corner store co owner. Or in the case of one fellow, a guy who went bankrupt twice.

But both greedy groups caved to day and in about one minute dropped the whole thing. One MLA, the safe streets guy from vancouver Burrard stood up in Members statements and tried to convince us the raise was really only a few dollars. BS of course.

He did vote against the bill, and was the only one that did. So he still wanted those few dollars( if you consider around 80,000 as a few dollars)

Keep and eye as they will try it again sometime down the line.
Shreck mentioned on a local station today. don't trust anyone, keep informed and holler loudly if and when they make a move that is suspicious. He recommented a number of time for folks to call the premiers office. Not a bad idea and of course the leader of the Opposition has a phone as well

PRO-MLA, we already have this dirty lot. IF they want to provide raises, they should announce them prior to an election, so as to attract people at that point. Had the salaries been higher, perhaps others would have ran this time around.

Why oh WHY aren't their wages simply automatically adjusted to inflation ? [Ditto for the public service]

Way too much fuss and energy spent on something that should be largly (if not completly) out of the politicans hands.

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