The law of unintended consequences

Public Eye readers - astute and otherwise - will be aware that, last week, provincial MLAs (both New Democrat and Liberal) approved a bill that will increase their base salary by 15 percent and boost the special allowances awarded to executive council members and caucus officers. But that bill may have one other unintended consequence: three years from now, when British Columbians vote again on electoral reform, this porkbarreling will have made more of them "dissillusioned with the system. And they may think any change may be better. It does not make me happy. But that may be the result," said pundit David Schreck - who advocated against the single-transferrable vote system during the last election.


David Schreck is a weasel who is just pissed off that he won't get a raise or pension. However, surely the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer's dollars he got in severance when he was fired as Premier Ujjal's right hand man will console him.

I had long arguments with David Schreck over his opposition to STV, and the strongest one he had was that people wouldn't know what they were voting on. I hope he helps us in the next three years as we rev up the education campaign.

The lack of a third party in the legislature is one of the worst consequences of our current plurality system. I personally prefer having the opposition get along, but we still need someone to call a spade a spade in the legislature.

Our current system really stinks. We have few independent voices, and we have no real vocal members of the legislature. Its great seeing CJ and GC getting along, but not if we have less opposition than if we did in the last four years.

Any electoral system that rewards mlas who speak out and punishes those who are quiet will be an improvement. That system is not single member plurality, it is a preferential district system such as STV.

You can call D. Shreck any thing you want but I think you are incorrect in his leaving government service. He was a staffer for Glen Clark and quit. If I'm wrong let me know.

It's guys like him, Wilcox, Smythe, Palmer, Keith Baldrey and a few others who dig up stuff we would otherwise never hear about. Oops forgot Les Lyene from the T/C. we always hate them when we don't agree with their position on events.
Collectively they get more information from bragging MLA's or "over the transom" so we can start to fomr opinions on the stuff.

David Schreck quit his job under then NDP premier Ujjal Dosanjh on a question of principle and did not receive a dime of severance. He was not fired.

Nor does he have a pension, since he was only an MLA for one term. Criticize his position if you like but get your facts straight.

Hey Bill. Suprised you have time to post. Shouldn't you be busy blaming other people for your candidate, Jim Green's loss. Maybe you could blame it on the raise? or maybe James Green? Good to see you guide another campaign to oblivion.

Thanks for the clarification, Bill Tieleman. Jerks like T.b. make heavy sledding out of politics.

What grieves me post-Nov.19 is that CanWest doesn't even have to break a sweat thinking up other scurrilous lies about the NDP this week. For once, they can tell the truth (about the Opposition's role in sneaking Bill 17 into law) ... and I hope one of their first headlines is: Carole James steps down. Interim leader appointed.

David Schreck is quite right in suggesting that this ill-timed pay raise will have fairly serious consequences. I disagree on timing though. I doubt that it will still be a current irritant to voters in three years time, but there is absolutely no doubt it was a major stick in their eye on Saturday, November 19th. Any left of centre or labour candidate who lost by a narrow margin can thank this pay raise for a good big part of their misfortune, not the least of them, Jim Green.

However, I think that Jim Green and Larry Campbell will have to come to grips with the fact that their Quixotic opposition to Port Mann and Gateway considerably diluted the support they were trying to build among construction workers. Telling these people that you've got a new understanding going with Phil Hochstein's contractors and developers, and that you will do what you can to get them a never ending stream of non-union condo jobs, but will at the same time denounce and ridicule a truly first class job like Port Mann, ... well, ... it's kind of like trying to sell the sizzle not the steak to someone who actually knows the difference.

I'm not bitter and I always have time to post on Sean's excellent site. I didn't run Jim Green's campaign, I supported him. And Vision took 4 out of five council seats and would have won - yes won - if it weren't for James Green's appearance on the ballot above Jim's name. Read my column in 24 hours Tuesday for more on this.

For an interesting and good take on the Vancouver election, I direct you the following link

Clearly Vision was a success. Not only relecting 2 councilors, but adding two newbies. Jim Green came within inches of winning the mayors seat.

The only time the left was truly successful in electing the mayor was with Harcourt. LC was a just lucky given the implosion of the NPA last time and a second centre right party running as well.

The NPA benefitted from COPE looking for ways to make themselves unelectable.

The clear losers are COPE - the question one needs to ask will be how long will COPE last?

4 COPE ncumbents lost - these were people that were getting good name recognition.

Meanwhile on the Park Board and School Board COPE was slaughtered and there was no Vision Vancouver to blame.

COPE needs to sit down and seriously try and understand why Vancouver does not want them. And realistically they should shut the party down and apologise to the people in Vision and ask to be allowed to help Vision in the future.

"the people in Vision"?? The six people in Vision. That would be Jimbo and his hand-picked crew : Ray, Rev. Tim, George and the Heathers. Toss in a couple of donors and that's it. No membership, no track record, policy pulled out of the Hutt's hip pocket. That's a party?
Tieleman, like the rest of what's left of the Left, just can't conceal his contempt for the electorate. According to him, the Hutt lost because voters were too stupid to know who they were voting for. Try running on that platform next time : "If you don't vote for me you're an illiterate immigrant."
On Saturday night, Jimbo couldn't say what all losing politicians have to say, i.e. "I congratulate my opponent etc., etc.", trying instead to claim he had extracted a promise on the Big W from Sam. Classy.
The only time the NDP can make any electoral headway is when they hide behind
supposed "moderates" like Harcourt or James. Unfortunately, once in office, the cadres show their true colours and the voters see the iron fist of the BC Fed inside the velvet glove of "doing politics differently". Who showed leadership during the BCTF hysteria, James or Sinclair?

""the people in Vision"?? The six people in Vision. That would be Jimbo and his hand-picked crew : Ray, Rev. Tim, George and the Heathers. ...

On Saturday night, Jimbo couldn't say what all losing politicians have to say, i.e. "I congratulate my opponent etc., etc.", trying instead to claim he had extracted a promise on the Big W from Sam. Classy."

Posted by Steve Hopkins at November 21, 2005 11:29 PM

It is kind of funny seeing a man like Steve Hopkins using the word "classy".

Steve, are you ever going to explain what kind of drunken delusions lie behind your Jimbo the Hutt nickname for Jim Green? Sometimes you're dishonest, sometimes prejudiced, sometimes just plain silly, but look on the bright side, Steve. You're always a Liberal.

Disagree with the NDP and you're drunken, delusional, dishonest, prejudiced, silly. And then they wonder why people won't vote for them.
Jimbo the Hutt : a riff on the Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt ."A broad, slobbering smile divided his dreary countenance, and two yellow-red reptilian eyes gazed with detached amusement from his mammoth cranium". (Source : Wikipedia)

Steve: I love it!

I think Jim Green resembles one of the pigs in an animated version of Orwell's 'Animal Farm' that I saw as a kid. His politics are not far off that mark either, just like those of his buddies Wet-Boy, Tielemen Square and Sleepy/Commy.

The Most Evilest

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