Wine, women and song

The Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver was the site of much Liberal hobbing and nobbing last Thursday, as the faithful gathered for a fundraising dinner hosted by the provincial party's women's commission. The estrogen count at the $100 ticket event included former MLAs Joyce Murray and Gillian Trumper, as well as Non-Partisan Association candidates Elizabeth Ball, Eleanor Gregory and Heather Holden. To the surprise of no one, Janet Fraser, Gordon Campbell's executive assistant back when he was mayor of Vancouver, was there - as was former city councillor Sandy McCormick and party matriarch May Brown. But there was also some testosterone in the room. Premier Gordon Campbell made an appearance. And former backbencher Bill Bellsey was on hand. But the man drawing the most attention was association board member Alex Tsakumis, who was singled out by commission chair Robin Wilson for purchasing an entire table at the event. Others singled him out for having North Vancouver federal Conservative candidate Cindy Silver seated at his table.


So, conservative Cindy Silver is financially supporting the Liberals... attending a $100/plate fundraisers.

If anyone cares, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said last May that he would not attempt to bring down the government until after Christmas… on record for months. So, now that everyone is raising money for the inevitable attempt at bringing down the government this week, I wonder why the media is giving him “ a pass” on the obvious fabrication. If he cannot keep his word for more than four months... what's he going to be like in power?


She was attending a BC Lib fundraiser.

Lots of federal tories and grits are BC Lib supporters.

Last time I checked, Harper has been consistent in saying he wants to bring down the government, recall the summer perhaps???

In terms of the fall he changed slightly and said he'll bring it down with the support of the NDP, which he now has.

Plus the Christmas season election is only the second choice. The first is the NDP idea for the house to fall in Janurary but the fed Libs have rejected that compermise. So the only way to ensure an election pre-April is to take down the house this month.

This is only becasue the fed libs jerry rig opposition days and schedule them when it suits them.

I for one can't wait for a federal election and the sooner the better.

The result will one way or another silence critics of both Harper and Paul Martin.

Hi Rick,

I see in good CPC style, you totally ignored the election point: Harper flatly said he would not attempt to bring down the government before Christmas. There is tape after tape from May to October with that promise to Canadians. You failed to address the point. Is your man living up to his word or not? Seems pretty obvious he is not.

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