Porkchoppers on the plate next weekend?

Both provincial Liberal and New Democrat MLAs will benefit from yesterday's raise. But it's the New Democrats who will likely suffer the most in the short-term. Their caucus includes more members of the so-called "31 percent (pay increase) club" than the Liberals. The New Democrat's support base includes public sector unionists who have had to make due with years of pay freezes and cuts. So they're not going to be too happy with MLAs scratching their own backs - as is evidenced by labour quotes in the morning papers. And the party membership generally believes their MLAs should be sticking up for the working man, rather than working to become "the man." But, perhaps more importantly, those unionists and party members will be able to vent their spleens about the issue in front of many, many television cameras and microphones during next weekend's New Democrat convention and the British Columbia Federation of Labour's subsequent annual general meeting.


What a difference a couple of years makes.

last time around when she was campaigning for the leadership, Carole James was circulating a petition to end the two year welfare term limits.

Now she's stuck her head in the trough along with every other liberal.

The process in passing the legislation that provided the increases was unseemly and reflected badly on both sides. However, the NDP is being consistent in seeking to end the welfare limits, in advocating for fair wages for "working people", and thus seeking to be fairly compensated for the work they do as MLA's. The same cannot be said of the Liberals, whose attitude to wages for working people is that the lower the better is always the objective.

GOsh isn't that nice. The Official Opposition is working to end welfare limits. How nice. when those welfare folks, old folks, sick folks, underpaid folks get to notice that at least one NDP back bencher with some extra little job got a bigger raise than my pensions for 35 years federal jobs. Are we supposed to be greatful.
The dumbest thing I heard today was that James accepted the raise of 15 percent because it would then be a bench mark for unions negotiating . BS from some spin doctor. The liberals simply found out what it takes to buy the official opposition and they did it with our money. Thanks Ms. James for showing us the new improved NDP management style. Gord had a massive majority and simply waited till this time to spring the wage hike so everyone could include the NDP in the resulting scorn of the public. Smart move Gordo, she was cheap.

This should be an interesting convention.

People are already up in arms over Carole's poor leadership and there is a great deal of internal dissention within the party.

Now the NDP has supported a hefty raise in exchange for more money to pay its staffers. This sounds like another David Perry/Carole James scheme (David Perry scheme, Carole just does what he says).

But in the end, hey, David Perry is worth the extra money. Yeah right. The NDP is taking the worst of this raise debacle right now after bouncing from disaster to disaster. Time to gong the Perry/Sihota/James shit-show!

This item will come up at the NDP Provincial Convention at the end of November and there will be a lot of tension around it. Look for both public and private sector workers to be saying "what about us?".

In fact, with BC's unemployment rate below 6% for the first time in two decades, labour's bargaining power has been substantially increased. If BC employers stubbornly stick to the Suromitra Sanatani-Kevin Evans line ("Kid, ... don't rock the boat, ... you're lucky just to have a job!"), there's a distinct possibility that BC could see many more strikes and lockouts in the next couple of years. Telus could be just the beginning.

Certainly with the hot construction market, Phil Hochstein's member companies would be well advised to pay up easy, or else wake up and find themselves organized.

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