Have a very Campbell Christmas

Believe it or not, ho-ho-ho season is almost upon us (and not a moment too soon, judging by the monotonous nature of Question Period). So, if you're planning your winter vacation around the premier's comings and goings, you might want to mark December 10 on your calendar. According to our operatives, around that date is when Gordon Campbell is set to take his holidays.


Quick, alert the Maui cops

I heard only a few months ago from someone that following the Maui incident Campbell changed some law around drinking and driving convictions that would allow him to enter the U.S. despite a criminal record.
At first I thought this person must have had some wrong information. But on second thought, and getting to know, oh so well, how Campbell operates, I am beginning to wonder if it's true.

Could someone enlighten us? Can Cambell enter the U.S. despite a DUI which I believe is a criminal offense in the good ol' U.S.A and grounds to be denied entry into the U.S.?

First of all, I'm at a loss to see how the Premier of British Columbia could amend American law. If he can, perhaps he could get to work on softwood lumber.

Second, DUI laws in the US are a mis-mash. A criminal offence it is, however, the US (state and federal) makes distinctions based on whether a crime is a felony or misdemeanour. In some states, drunk driving is taken seriously, in others it isn't. And some states make a distinction based on blood-alcohol level, etc. I don't know the exact case for Hawaii, but do reacall that Mr. Campbell pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour. I understand misdemeanours do not bar you from entry into the US without trouble.

Similarly, if an American is convicted of an offence carrying a maximum sentence of under 2 years, that American can enter Canada without trouble. Even if convicted of an offence carrying a maximum sentence of over 2 years, Americans (and others) can apply for an administrative exemption known as a "Minister's Permit", thus allowing entry into Canada. That's how, for instance, a good many entertainers and athletes make their way to GM Place, the Air Canada Centre, etc.

It's hard to imagine Campbell not being welcomed into the US with open arms. He and his BC cronies are doing everything in their power to sell off our plum companies and public utilities to Americans.
Don't be surprised to see Campbell spend a lot more time in the USA when he leaves office.


You lefties need to get over the Gordo DUI thing.

First off Gordo does not have a criminal record in Hawaii.

He pled no-contest, which is a rather unique US pleading. It was a minor offence in Hawaii and not what we in BC would consider "criminal".

While we don't have a corresponding offence in BC, basically what he received is a lot more like a driving prohibition and suspension, similar I think to what you get if you have 3 - 24 hr road side suspensions in BC.


You lefties need to get over the Gordo DUI thing.

Rick, ... is this the standard that you held yourself too in matters around Glen Clark's sundeck, or for that matter, the 1996 BC Budget? Just thought I'd ask.

Have a great vacation, Gordo! And don't do anything that I would do. Or anything that you would do either!


It is true that our provincial government does like to trot out the fudge-it budgets, Glen Clark, and the fast ferries, now and then (usually in QP).

However, in the last election I don't think any of those sticks were used, except maybe a few remarks on fast ferries. (personally I'd like to see a bridge, but it probably won't happen in my lifetime).

However, I see people who Dagmar enjoys calling the "freaky-left" (well put since they scare me) whine about Gordo's DUI at every opportunity.

The fact is that I think Gordo had his highest personal popularity when he had his DUI and did a mea culpa.

This I think humanized Gordo more than any fannel shirt and showed that he is human and makes mistakes, and most importantly has the balls to fess up and take responsiblity for his mistakes.

Thus the public forgave and understood him.

The lefties are on the wrong side of the Gordo DUI issue and that's why it was not an issue in the last election.

And to her credit Carole never uttered a word about it, since doing so would only help the Liberals.

Give me a break. The man was caught with 3 times the legal limit,going in the opposite direction of his hotel and weaving all over the road. If he had killed someone,which he very well could have would you still shrug and say oh well it was just a misdemeanor.What choice did he have but to take responsibility,he fell out of his vehicle and into the arms of the Maui police, where he was subsequently thrown in a urine stained jail celland finger printed.Its not like he came out and took responsibility for say the Basi,Virk scandal.No Gordon Campbell showed something about his character that festive Hawaiin evening, but I wouldn't call it responsibility.

I have said from the beginning that the real issue raised by the events in Maui related to our police, not our Premier.

People who have driven the road in question have told me that it's a very difficult, windy stretch of highway, worse that the road to Squamish. For anyone to negotiate that road when their BAL is 16 or better is a singular feat of alcoholic coping. Only a very, very experienced drinking driver could possibly have done it.

Therefore, that drunken drive could not possibly have been the first or even the tenth time that Premier Campbell had driven while similarly impaired. Perhaps the 100th time or more is a better guess.

If he was getting that much practice while at home here in BC, our police must have been letting him go. Why were they doing that? Who told them to let him go?

I hope Gordo has a few triples while on his Christmas vacation. Shaken, not stirred?

Hmm Budd, must have been the Pentavirate. You know, the Queen, the Rothchilds, the Gettys, the Vatican, and Colonel Sanders before he went tits up.

Jim Green broke American law when he deserted his country in time of war but the left seems to think that is okay and will continue to vote for him.

Never mind being a smart ass, Bob's Your Uncle. It's a serious matter. Our police were clearly giving him a pass, but the American police didn't see him as anyone special and charged him. Who ordered our police to lay off?

BTW, ... wasn't 'Bob's Your Uncle' the dead give away phrase that Premier X used on one of the Cold Squad episodes? That's what clued the detectives in to who the main culprit was. You might want to get a different handle.

Listen up Budd if that is your real name. Gordon's a great guy and he can hold his liquor a lot better than you think. He can also help with a guy's retirement plans in a big and meaningful way. I'll not sit here and let you disparage this man's reputation based on frivolous assumptions about how how well he can drive after drinking. I happen to know he is a better driver at double the limit than most people are sober.

Er, ... Montague, ... did you make these observations about Gordon's capabilities while fishing with Daly?

er I refuse to answer that on the grounds it may incriminate me more than I have already.
I know nothing. I've never heard of the BC Liberals. Where's Maui?

And you've never heard of David Basi or Bobby Virk, eh, montague?

Sorry Budd, never heard of Premier X. I've heard of Malcom X. I've heard of Chuck D and Terminator X. I've even heard of U Thant. But never Premier X. Perhaps I should get cable.

I can't beleive that all Sean Holman and the rest of you losers have to talk about is our Premeir going on vacation. He has gone to Maui every Christmas for the past 20 years to be alone with his family. And he will continue to go because its the only time he can get away from the pressure of being in public office. It is so disgusting that public policies don't ever get discussed on this site. You all lead a sad and pathetic lives.

Get : Amen, brother. Careful, or they'll be calling you a bigot, then it'll be last call and time to drive home. But don't worry Budd, I told the cops to lay off you, too.

You people are hilarious, in many ways.

Steve: I am a girl.

Get a life

Before you start calling us losers you might want to bite on this..where was Gordo's family when he was getting loaded with Fred and where was he driving pissed out of his mind after he left Freds???

Public policies are discussed here constantly. It can get pretty dry so we like to spice it up a bit with juicy gossip.

Your petty small minded rebuke indicates a very shallow intellect making you the sad pathetic loser.

Get : A girl, huh? Sure, and I'm a member of the Nigerian royal family.


Are you the guy whose royal uncle died leaving 27 million in an account and you need my help getting it out of Lagos? What did you do with the $50,000. I sent for processing fees? Do you need some more? I can get it..I just have squeeze out another golden egg and voila...more mad money.

30 years ago I drove a Yellow Cab on Friday and Saturday nights to pay the rent while I was at university. Every Friday night there was a regular gig : wait outside the Terminal City Club and follow a prominent local jurist as he drove himself home, just in case he hit something or missed a turn. The fare went on his account. It's difficult to imagine anything like that happening today.

Not content with unsubstantiated accusations against the Premier, Budd suggests that the VPD is corrupt. He's too stupid to realize that these assertions are actionable.If he has anything more than vague suspicions and paranoid delusions, he should have the stones to come right out with it. Otherwise, consider the source.

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