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There seems to be an awful lot of interest in civic campaigns, especially Vancouvers.
I'd like to see a story on how Canada's favourite neocons/neofascists have been 'helping' Sam Sullivan to campaign in a futile attempt to become mayor in a city that uniformly rejects the CPC in federal elections.

Who can clue me in out there? Was Kim "I didn't destroy the party it was Lyin' Brian" Campbell the last con to hold a seat in the city of Vancouver?

It is just me, or does everyone get nervous when Sean is out "doing research"?

Maybe he's working on a story to expose the Federal Liberals for the corrupt party that it is?

Or maybe he's working on a story to expose the Conservatives as the most ineffective opposition our country has ever seen?

Stephen Harper is a terrible leader, but Jack Layton is worse. Smilin Jack propped up the Libs and will be rewarded with another Liberal majority government in 5 months.

What a maroon.

But man, Harper is terrible.

I keep expecting Erin to take over where Michael Moriarity left off trying to establish the Republican Party in Canada.

Oh, I forgot, already happened. Thanks Stephen, you and Lyin' Brian are doing a great job with selling us out to the US but not nearly as good a job as Gordo "I want to be Cheney's bitch" Campbell is doing.

Both Stephen Harper and Jack Layton have spent most of the last two years attacking an innocent man (gomery has settled the issue)... the public will not forget.

The public will not give the keys of power to anyone, or party, that will not work based on the facts, judge accurately, and respond in a measured way... after all, those in power run the military, the police force, the spy agency, numerous commissions and board of inquires... the last thing the public wants is to be governed by those indiscriminately assign blame and penalties.

Paul Martin will be remembered as the man who both balanced the budget and cleaned up government... very tough things to do.

So many friends today - now I know I am truly blessed.

And here I thought most of them would be busy reading the Sinclair "compromise before we embarrass ourselves" Report before the NDP convention.

But seriously guys, how long IS Layton going to prop up Martin? Even you have to be feeling a little queasy by now...

The only thing that truly makes Canadians queasy is a CPC government.

By the way, RWetD (what would your mother think about that screen name), as a staunch monarchist, I would find it difficult to support a republican party.

Not sure why socialists always point to the US as the mecca for conservatives when most Canadian conservatives think the runaway spending in that country is outrageous and dangerous to their teetering economy.


Despite what CPC voters might think about the US, CPC leaders, past and present, are in thrall to the Republican Party and their military/industrial complex buddies.

My mom, along with my dad, were often guests of the House of Windsor for intimate dinners for eight or less but they were definitely small 'l' liberals with a sense of humour and would approve of my secondary handle. My father's personal friendship with Prince Philip began during WW 2 and their professional engagements dated from the early 1960's. My exposure to the 'halls of power' are largely responsible for my socialist leanings.
Don't take my word for it, just ask sleepswithangels.

Erin, you seem like a fairly bright person so I want to know if you truly believe that the sponsorship scandal, while nasty, is anywhere near as bad as the systemic corruption which pervaded the Mulroney regime?

See everyone, the divides in this country aren't so great - RwetD and I are having a little monarchist love-in today.

But to your excellent question, RwetD (your mother truly must have an excellent sense of humour - or maybe I'm more repressed than I thought).

The short answer: I don't know. There are lots of reasons for the birth of the Reform Party and one of them was the rise in perception that the PC Government had corrupt members. Some even went to jail, or at least took their Ministerial responsibilities seriously and resigned.

But more corrupt? At least the PC Party wasn't caught feathering its party nest with government cash.

We all know that power and politics are heady creations and they draw less than savoury characters - regardless of political affilation - especially when a party holds Government.

Are the Liberals better or worse than the Mulroney Tories - all I can go by is the record. And the record shows that while individuals were corrupt in Mulroney's government, the Liberal Party as a body is corrupt today.

In fact, I would argue that if you want to discuss systemic corruption (to use your term), the Liberals are worse, because they have dirtied their party - the vehicle for electoral politics - and not just their own individual names.

God save the Queen.

Beyond Mulroney's wholesale sellout, can anyone say "softwood", we still have a Harper government who would have commited us to compliance in one of the greatest crimes perpetrated by an American govt,the Iraq war. It is funny how Harper can question Layton about propping up a Liberal govt. when the answer is in the mirror.


The operative word is 'caught'. The most damaging revelation about the Mulroney years was the 5% kickback that was demanded on ALL government contracts for supply, leases and public works. If that is not systemic corruption tarring the whole party..then what is?
There's no use in denying that gem because if it was not true, Stevie Cameron would have been sued mercilessly.

5% kickbacks on all government contracts for 9 years is a lot of loot and a lot of untraceable slush fund cash, though it is obvious that very little was spent in 1993 when the rat Mulroney fled his sinking ship.

While it is true that I feel some loyalty to a family that was good to my family I should be clear that any symbol of imperialist agression does not deserve to be held in high regard when so many billions live in poverty in a world with so much conspicuous wealth.

My dear - you know you need more proof than Stevie Cameron.


Unfortunately the statute of limitations and other forms of political/professional courtesy probably means we won't be seeing the right dishonourable Mulroney led away in cuffs.

I think Ms. Cameron did an admirable job and there is absolutely no doubt that she would have been sued by Mulroney if she had not spoken the truth.

As for Harper, I don't see in him the kind of avarice that defined Mulroney but I do see a devotion to the kind of hard right principals that most Canadians can't abide. With Mulroney hovering in the wings I'm afraid Harper is carrying some pretty crappy baggage to the polls.
If it wasn't for the sponsorship scandal the NDP would probably be outpolling the CPC given Layton's public approval ratings.

Oh, don't worry, the good folks of Vancouver will continue to vote Liberal, because they alone support immigration and, er, giving away money. Plus they are uniquely positioned to clean up Ottawa, since they understand the inner workings of all the corruption, having created it all.

Hopefully Sean's field research will include a trip to Prince George, where Mayor Colin Kinsley is being strongly challenged, for the first time since 1996, by Councillor Dan Rogers. Kinsley is an intimate of Regional Min David Emerson, so his fate bears watching.

I know that people assume the US is taking over Canada, but last time I checked, there is no limitation on criminal offences in Canada. If there was theft and graft in the Mulroney era it can be prosecuted anytime the people are still alive. GHiven the desire of the Federal Liberals to rubish the Conservatives it would have come out in detail now, so I hihgly doubt that there was any significant criminal activity under Mulroney, certainly nothing of the scale of the Liberals under Chretien.

Given the nature of the Federal Liberals, it would not surprise me if they slipped new law in their to protect themselves by enacting a criminal limitations act.

Yes, there is a limitations act for civil lawsuits but it does not apply to anything criminal.

It still boggles my mind that anyone in Canada would ever consider supporting the Federal Liberals. Both the NDP and Conservatives are more honest and ethical choices.

Ok personally...Erin Airton cracks me up.

I thought that Eugene Parks...despite his loathing for the Victoria EDA and Stephen Harper and Peter McKay (how can anyone NOT love him)...was a Conservative. He sounds a lot more like a Liberal (ewww I need to wash my mouth out with soap for even typing the word) to me. Out of Eugene running for something? It constantly sounds like he's on his soap box priming for an election.

Really the problem is with both the plurality system. Anytime one party can get absolute power, who wouldn't want to invest in them. I mean, a few thousand dollars here, can mean a few million dollars in contracts.

Obviously the liberal party is corrupt, but the extent to which they are corrupt is based on the fact that they are the party of government. If you are looking at a multiyear investment of money and time to get your $$, you would be dumb not to go with them. Heck, if I were rich, I'd probably donate liberal and vote tory for the tax breaks. If the tory's form power, well, at least it would take them a term for the thiefs to get cozy with them. I mean, its next to impossible to get corrupted overnight.

No limitations for prosecuting criminal offenses in Canada? If that were the case Mulroney would still be rotting in jail despite your denial of the litany of crimes he committed. Canadians won't be happy to learn there is a statute of limitations for treason of only 3 years, for instance. These linitations have been around for a long time.

I advise all Canadians to read "Ottawa Inside Out" and "On the Take" by Stevie Cameron for all the details of the litany of crime and corruption committed by Mulroney and his caucus including details on what are very likely two murders to shut up Tory insiders who were about to spill the beans on the corruption.

Bernard's insistance that the CPC are honest is laughable in the extreme.

As for Peter McKay being loveable..what a load of crap..not only does he look like a weasel but his backstabbing, despicable selling out of the Progressive Conservative Party will define him for decades. Not that Mulroney's party didn't have it coming but a rat bastard act of betrayal such as McKay committed should live in infamy.

You commit a non-summary offence in Canada and you remain liable for prosecution until the ends of your days. If there was all this evidence as proported by Stevie Cameron why has there been no serious investigation by government and no prosecutions? Nothing stopping Paul Martin from going after the Conseratives now for 1984 - 1993. Of course there has to something to go after.

The simple reason I can only assume the Mulroney Conservatives are nto guilty of much is because the Liberals are not going after them

AS to honesty, certainly the NDP and Conservatives are much more honest than the Liberals. If you vote NDP or Conservative you know what you are getting.

Who knew in 1993 that Paul Martin was really Preston Manning when in came to finances. He ridculed Manning for the need to get rid of the deficiet and then did exactely as Manning wanted to

Bernard is absolutely right on the 'statute of limitations' (I think that term is borrowed from American crime shows, actually). There's no such thing for indictables here is Canuckistan.

By the way, sleeps, what kind of knee-jerk, anti-american, neo-com are you anyhow? Not knowing something as basic as this? Maybe you spent too much time playing with yourself in the bathroom while your parents supped at the House of Windsor.

And on that topic, how come so many of you wets seem to be the spoiled children of the upper crust? The Klein siblings, the Trudeau boys, so many of them....I guess Avi Lewis, too, although his dad is a Commie. A rich Commie though.

Canadians corrupt? Unthinkable! Quebec politics just about the money? Impossible! Politicians willing to say or do anything to hang on to power? Not in my Canada!
Please, can we drop the tone of offended modesty? Where have you people been for the last 50 years? What's new or different about Gomery? Where's the harm? Here we all are, still one country ten years later, fatter and happier than ever. What's the problem?

RwetD writes "My mom, along with my dad, were often guests of the House of Windsor for intimate dinners for eight or less...". In England a stretch in prison is referred to as a stay at the "Windsor Hotel". I admire the mental juggling act which can encompass anti-corruption campaigns, pride in the aristocracy, socialism and parliamentary democracy.


How gullible do really think we are? Have you ever noticed that only crimes of a violent or sexual are prosecuted in Canada without limit to when they were committed?
Both you and the National Post are counting on Canadians having poor memories about Mulroney's crimes. You'd like us to forget that when the Mounties were on the trail of Mulroney's dirty cash in Switzerland the letter they sent to Swiss autorities was leaked creating an opportunity for Mulroney to sue our government.
Does anyone, with brains, really believe that Mulroney would only settle for the $2M that was reported? Mulroney is a lawyer..he and his legal team saw an excellent opportunity to stop the RCMP in it's tracks and rehabilitate his reputation. Why wouldn't he also demand an 'under the table' settlement of immunity from prosecution and the Order of Canada?
You'll deny all this but aware Canadians know better.

Satan's plaything

You are telegraphing your bitter anger at your lot in life. Get over it. Sam Sullivan is toast.


None of us chooses the family we are born into. I have no choice but to honestly admit that the Windsors were gracious and genuine in their relationship with my family..c'est la vie.
Now I'm a nearly rabid socialist and can honestly report that I am not conflicted. I do not require any pharmaceutical input to deal with the dichotomies...but I am constantly perplexed by the propensity that Canadians seem to have for political amnesia.

We are doomed to repeat our mistakes if we forget that the Conservative Party, with Mulroney and his many bagmen, defined the extremes of corruption. Now they would have us believe that they should take the reins of power again because the Liberals had one localized outbreak of criminality involving two or three politicians, some civil servants and a handful pf party flacks. Under Mulroney the criminality was coast to coast with the highest concentration east of Kenora.

Bernard and the Tory hordes are counting on the short attention spans of an electorate who are constantly bombarded with information. I'll do my part to remind Canadians that Muldoon and his merry band of thieves are the ones who stole billions while they were selling us out to Uncle if we need reminders of that.

Canadians corrupt? Unthinkable! Quebec politics just about the money? Impossible! Politicians willing to say or do anything to hang on to power? Not in my Canada!
Please, can we drop the tone of offended modesty? Where have you people been for the last 50 years? What's new or different about Gomery? Where's the harm? Here we all are, still one country ten years later, fatter and happier than ever. What's the problem?

Posted by Steve Hopkins at November 2, 2005 09:43 AM

Well said Steve. Another of your quotable quotes on behalf of the Liberal Party.

By the way, ... you don't happen to have any Presidential golf balls that could be place in the silent auction at the next Vancouver East Liberal fundraiser, do you?


You are brilliant indeed!

I'll bet you made quite an impression in discussion groups at your VCC sociology classes!

Keep posting and showing your true colours!


Keep trying honey but don't get your knickers in a twist if you can't figure out who I am. I've never had any formal schooling in this city or province.

Sleeps says he has "never had any formal schooling in this city or province". And it shows. Not only can he read, he can construct a grammatically correct sentence free from spelling errors. He sure didn't learn that in BC.


Did you know that Jinny Sims has a black belt and there are still a lot of pissed off teachers probably seeking an outlet for their frustrations?
This might be a good time to go visit Fidel. If it wasn't for the election I would be in Mexico or Cuba as quick as you can say mucho gusto.


Yeah, go visit your hero down in Veradero!

Why don't you lecture him on why it isn't right to outlaw homosexuality, and on the importance of pluralism and independent trade unions, for a start?

Make sure you pack your toothbrush!

Oh, and your jar of vaseline!

Jamie've got your panties in a knot..calm down'll pop one of your parts.

There should be a national holiday in Canada honouring Fidel, if for nothing else but to piss off the US.

You, like many others, swallows US propoganda about Cuba whole. They have world class care for AIDS patients despite the damage to their economy that the US has done with their embargoes.

Yes, they do have world-class HIV care, and many other goodies, but NOT FOR CUBAN CITIZENS, genius! Only reason they can provide them is 'cause they be chargin' folks for it.

The world-class health-care-for-money thing (egad!)is a good way for Party members, especially Fidel's family, to make a little cash on the side. Then they sock it away in those Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts that Socialist Heroes seem to love so much.


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