Descending from Mount Olympus

Who's that we saw heading into the legislature, looking shaved-head stylish in a fashionable black sports jacket and oversized-collar shirt? Could it be Daniel Igali, the famous wrestler and former provincial Liberal candidate for Surrey-Newton? Why yes, it turns out it was. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Igali confirmed he was roaming the Rockpile's corridors yesterday. Said the Olympian, "I was going to see a couple of my friends - the people who worked on my campaign stuff." But no talk of any government appointments, we inquired? "No, no, no," responded Mr. Igali.

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The trough is open!! Ain't it grand that in BC you can go down in an election and make more money than if you were elected.Geoff Plant, Elizabeth Cull are a few of the "pigs" that gorged at the trough.Both sides, the same $hit.If you believe he came for coffee, let me know as I have some great real estate investment advice for you.

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