Strange Tales

Memo to children and family development communications director Theresa Lumsdon: someone is gunning for your ministry in the online classifieds. Earlier this month, an anonymous poster took out a want ad for "Ministry of CHildren (sic) and Families Horror Stories" on Craigslist. The ad asks readers "if you have or are currently going through issues in dealing with the ministry of child proctection (sic) services, please forward your stories to and we can get yours (sic) story hear (sic) loud and clear" - minus a few grammatical and spelling errors, of course.

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Ms. Lumsdon has little to worry about. Others have been collecting and sharing MCFD horror stories for years. The ones who really get screwed often can't speak, read or write, so no one ever takes them seriously anyway. All that ever comes of it is more cuts and more restructuring to refocus resources on ever more sophisticated "issues management" teams.

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