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Many column inches have been plowed reporting on the British Columbia Federation of Labour's support for striking teachers - which includes a demonstration tomorrow at the provincial legislature. But what you may not know is that the federation may have an unreported personal, political and financial interest in backing the teachers' union. Astute Public Eye readers will remember the teachers voted in 2003 to affiliate with the federation - costing them an estimated $248,000 annually, plus a $15,000 contribution to the group's campaign and defense fund. But that affiliation agreement was only for a three-year trial period. And teachers will be voting at their upcoming March annual general meeting as to whether they want to remain federation members - which would mean paying out an addition $248,000 annually to join the Canadian Labour Congress. So, given those stakes, it's not surprising the federation is playing Starsky to Jinny Sim's Hutch.

Additionally, federation president Jim Sinclair has a strong personal connection to the teachers' union - a connection that appeared but was not mentioned on the front-page of Wednesday's edition of The Vancouver Sun. Photographed at a demonstration protesting the government's handling of the teachers' dispute was educator Susan Croll, federation president Jim Sinclair's longtime partner.


That last tidbit explains everything!

Sinclair's longtime partner is a teacher
and Campbell's wife is a principal.

This is just a little labour/management squabble over class sizes.

If only De Jong's wife was a mediator...

Really. Do you honestly think that this is all about sticky money and personal "connections".

Please don't ignore the real issue while you're looking for muck.
shocking isn't it - how the fed. of labour is supporting members.

While not for one moment suggesting that a quarter of a million dollars is immaterial, it is true that the BC Fed has lent support to completely unaffiliated organizations in the past year. The sefl-employed truckers at the Port of Vancouver would be the most obvious example.

So basically this article says that the fact that the teachers just recently joined the BC Fed may have something to do with the BC Fed supporting them.

Hmmm, I think there may be something to this scandalous rumour, Sean.

This is almost as good as your article in the summer about NDP Caucus hiring NDP supporters and Liberal caucus hiring Liberal supporters.

The BC Fed is supporting the BCTF for the simple fact that getting the teachers retroactive pay raises will lead to larger settlements for the rest of their members. It's about the money, but not the teachers, it's about getting their greedy hands on our, the taxpayers, money.

Lots of people have spouses and significant others working in union and non union settings. Such is the nature of employment in BC.

There is a bit of a scandalous connection between CUPE president Barry O'neill ranting in support of the BCTF when he sent his own kids to the private system. (I distinctly remember his son James at Holy Cross High School.) That would be a question to ask him with the cameras rolling.

"We agree that there are classes that are too large, and that's not acceptable."

"That's why for the first time ever, we are requiring school boards to report on class sizes for every school, class by class and grade by grade."

"We agree class composition is critical. If there are examples of classes with too many special needs students for any one teacher, that's not acceptable."

Gordon M. Campbell, Premier of B.C. - October 17, 2005.

Ya know gordo: if you'd only said this before the teachers and your BCPSEA puppets wasted 35 bargaining sessions; it might be that you wouldn't find yourself in this ridiculous little predicament.

Oh wait! You did want to pick a fight with labour and use the children as pawns... Shame...

15k is a night out with drinks for the campbell crowd

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