Political handicaps

Last year, then Victoria-Hillside provincial Liberal backbencher Sheila Orr was caught parking in a handicapped stall at the Rockpile - not once but twice. At the time, The Times Colonist's Lindsay Kines reported Ms. Orr "said that she is eligible for a disabled sticker on her car, but has chosen not to get one." But next time she pulls into one of those stalls, it won't be a headlining event. Speaking on Public Eye Radio, Ms. Orr explained she finally "went to the disability resource centre. And spoke to the staff in there...And the doctor wrote me a note and did all the things you have to do to get a disability sticker. And now I have one!"


For an obese woman living in today’s society, life can be made very hard. Seemingly simple tasks such as buckling a safety-belt, sitting in a chair, driving a car or standing in line are painful both physically and, even more so, psychologically. The obese are constantly ridiculed and prejudged as to their lifestyles, eating habits and personalities.

Thankyou Saanichman..I'll pick it up from here

Yes indeed..the obese woman in politics has a veritable minefield of rubber chicken obligations and pastry cart catastrophies to encounter as she waddles from dim sum to dairy queen in the service of her constituents.
I thought this particular pol was retiring to her villa in the south of France but no...she is seeking a shot at the brass ring...the gastronomical nirvana that is..Ottawa..home to some of Canadas finest troughs.

bon appetit!!!


What a shameful, pathetic, virulent comment. Clearly, your problem is that no one not even angels will have anything to do with you - let alone sleep with you. Get a life!

no angel

You can do better than that..or can you?

Politicians of the shameless, talentless ilk of Mrs. Orr are fair game once they have publicly displayed their arrogance as often as our Sheila has. With the mass media protecting right wing politicians at any cost..it is up to the alternative media and various bloggers to shed light on the porkbarrelling of these fat arsed leeches sucking on every last fattening morsel in the public purse.

my life is good...and I'm always auditioning new angels..you may be 'no angel' but maybe you have an 18+ daughter, grandaughter, niece or nanny you could send over?

So you found it necessary to defend in public your unreflective, pedestrian anger by announcing that your "...life is good". How interesting. How boring. How pathetic!

What - no more angry rants? Cat got your petty, small minded tongue?

No Angel

Do you understand the concept of projection? It's a term used by psychologists to describe the personality defect you are currently displaying. You think my rants are angry because you are angry. You think I'm pathetic because that is how you feel about yourself.

Occasionally I do get angry..it's when I see another atrocity in action courtesy of the BC Liberal Party...but the fun I have posting comments about right wing wankers partly makes up for that.

Ta ta for now..my angel is winking at me.

Oh! So now its psychology 101 and you just say angry, nasty and childish things for fun! How dishonest, unreflectitive and even more pathetic.

no angel...I thought for a moment or two that you might be Sheila Orr in a bad frame of mind but then I thought...no, politicians have pretty thick skins, it's just a citizen addicted to comfort food.

But then I thought...Sheila does have a hot temper and a short fuse and no angel is on the verge of a meltdown, better not provoke her anymore or she'll blow and they'll be mopping up butterscotch, caramel and KFC for weeks.

Still very pathetic. And since you are at the psychology 101 level did you father beat you and call you a momma's boy and that's why you are still a virgin lashing out in childish anger. Is that your problem?

Have you looked up 'projection' yet NA?

I know you can't wrap your mind around this right now but I'm having a major laff provoking you NA/SO and with each new post you reveal a palpable anger and a remarkably unimaginative capacity for expressing it.

Sounds like you had a rough childhood..you should get some help.

You just can't let go can you. Take your hand off it - it won't hurt so much.

the voice of experience

Instead of fixating on me..shouldn't you be out there keeping pastry chefs in Ferraris and Cristal?

Is that the best you can do! What a loser you are. Maybe you should try the other hand to see if it works better.

At the end of the day, as you politicians are fond of saying Shelia, I'll still be laughing and you will still be an obese, failed politician whose personal wealth can't buy her good health or another seat in government.

2001 was a fluke...even Clifford Olson could have gotten elected on the Liberal ticket.
It's time to take your self centered indulgence to Provence and work through those demons..you used to be a nice person..maybe you can renew the old you.

My, what an angry, little (less then 5'7" I suspect) man you are. How boringly resentful and bland. Why don't you try using both hands if you can find it. May be that will work!

Sheila..do yourself a favour and get someone you trust to be objective read this thread and give you some sound advice.

You keep demeaning yourself and as much as I want to see you lose the election, the eventual NDP winner would rather claim victory as the result of a campaign battle..not as a result of your exposing your true nature on this peculiar thread.

Some more advice you'll ignore...making an attack in the heat of anger is always ill advised..something about the brain shutting down and the emotions taking over..never with an intelligent result.

I beginning to feel like your father - get it - duh - as I am sure that on more then one occasion - aside from beating you regularily - he has called you a stupid, sick and delusional fool.

Have you noticed that you have bitten on every piece of bait I've dangled for you and now..when or if you finally understand that fact...it will be far too late to claim that your're not really a political candidate.

I've always thought you were dumb but the proof of that is now etched into the public record.

Sure..your core supporters will tell you whatever you want to hear but that multitude of fence sitters that a winning candidate must depend on to win will be appalled by your brainless, hate filled rebukes. It really won't matter that you were provoked..the voter will quite rightly conclude that a competent politician would never take the bait in the first place.

Okay - I realize that you have completely "lost it" so this will be it for me. I am NOT Sheila Orr. I strongly suggest you go get some professional help - clearly you need it.

Very wise Shelia...cut your losses

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