From one federation to another

Last week, we reported Bruce Hallsor, the legal mind behind numerous conservative causes across the province, was preparing to launch a class action lawsuit against the British Columbia Teachers' Federation. But would that lawsuit receive funding from Canadian Taxpayers Federation, which is presently financing a similar action against the Hospital Employees Union? On Public Eye Radio, we posed that question to the taxpayers' British Columbia director Sara MacIntyre who told us "That's been an issue that we've been examining over the past few days as an organization. What we learned from the HEU case, of course, is that these suits are not inexpensive. They require a significant amount of resources. And we have to make sure we're able to do that and see it through. We're not just going to pick it up and drop it in a couple of months...I'd say probably we should have some definitive answer for you Sean by Tuesday morning or so."


Is this thread politicizing officers of the court? There will be a prosecuting lawyer, a defending lawyer, a judge, and maybe a jury – if the case goes forward. Why name the prosecuting lawyer (or the defending lawyer for that matter) and imply the case is their individual cause? The case will be between the plaintiff and the defendant… the lawyers just represent.

Or, are you implying that the lawyers are instigating the case? Seems from your other threads, you say it’s the CTF that is pondering bringing the suit forward. If so, how does personalizing the potential suit as the lawyers’ fairly represent the facts. Doesn’t politicizing officers of the court hurt our justice system in general, and potentially prejudice the particular case at hand should it have to face a jury?

In fact, isn’t this going to be CTF versus BCTF – should it go forward? And the lawyers for each virtually irrelevant?

I would infer from Sean's article that the lawsuit is purely political in nature..has nothing to do with justice..and everything to do with attempting to show the voter that the CPC party is on the job.

How they think using the courts to bully workers who are only seeking fair contracts will appeal to those voters is beyond my comprehension.

Maybe they do know their constituency..maybe they are just shoring up their support among the small minded, hate filled rednecks that seem to exist in every community.

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