Captain, my captain

Former Socred Forests Minister David Parker is spending his retirement working for the ministry he used to run. In an interview with Public Eye, the 65-year-old Terrace resident confirmed he's been skippering launches for the provincial government's forest service. In 1999, his company Aquaterre Project Services Ltd. won the contract to man the Peace Ranger, which ferries staff around the Douglas Channel and Gardner Canal. And then just this year, Aquaterre picked up another contract to run the Coast Ranger, which services the North Coast Forest District.

The Coast Ranger is "the last serving wooden vessel in the Forest Service fleet. And it was the last wooden vessel built by the Forest Service - in 1967," the self-described West Coast boater said with a note of pride.

And are the bureaucrats he ferries ever surprised to find him skippering their boat? "I was a forestry consultant for most of my life. I know these people from other movies. And at times we've worked together. And at other times we haven't worked together," Mr. Parker quipped.


Dave Parker is an RPF with a long history of involvement in the forest industry before he became Minister of Forests. He is well liked by everyone who has worked with him, and I am sure will be very pleasant company for anyone travelling on these forest service vessels.

Gee Bruce..did you ever stop to think that a testimonial from a right wing partisan hack like you might not be in Parker's best interest?

Ohhh...OK...what do you have against Dave?

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