The riddle of steel

Earlier, we reported the United Steelworkers of America have been opposing an initiative to change the relationship between the provincial New Democrats and the labour movement. Of course, some operatives find it more that opposition more than a little curious. The reason: at the November 2004 New Democrat leadership convention, the Steelworkers endorsed Oak Bay councillor Nils Jensen - the one candidate who was most unequivocable in his support for change. In fact, in an interview prior to that convention, Mr. Jensen told Public Eye a new relationship with labour was necessary "because part of the perception people have of the NDP is its close connection with labour. And some often feel they can't support us because of the perception that the party is beholden to labour. And I think Vaughn Palmer said it interestingly a number of years ago when he quipped that (then British Columbia Federation of Labour president) Ken Georgetti was the nineteenth cabinet minister. Now that we're in the 2000s, I think that kind of perception has to be dealt with." Mr. Jensen was also endorsed by the Industrial, Wood and Allied Workers, its secretary-treasurer David Tones and its second vice-president Wilf McIntyre. That union is now part of the Steelworkers.


Dave Tones strikes again. After the 1989 Federal Convention in Winnipeg Dave was among those who swore a vendetta unto death against and NDP MP from BC, especially any NDP MP with a labour background, who had "hurt labour" by voting for Audrey McLaughlin.

this should raise some hackles

I have a theory about the way unions have evolved and the reason behind the heavy handed tactics they use.

Unions were formed to protect workers from the abusive practices of employers. That abuse still traumatizes the movement. It's leaders still employ stong arm tactics and intimidation to achieve their goals...exactly the same treatment workers and their unions received at the hands of oppresive employers.

Unions need to be more introspective and consider group therapy. Employers need to own up to their misdeeds as well..then we can have a big group hug...and flying pigs laden with fruit baskets will bless every house with treats from rainbow land.

You funcky bunch really hate unions don't'cha?

aw poor misunderstood shmuck

I get it...big boss man abused you and with all the resulting hate and sexual identity issues you now just want to strike out at those you think are against you.

Take a deep breath and look in the are looking at your own worst enemy.
Not to fear...we can change that..all you need to do is apply for a double brain and heart transplant.
And while your're at it..see if they will install a could use one.

Not at all. But Dave Tones can be more than a little bit annoying when he wants to be.

If Georgetti was the 'extra man' at the NDP cabinet table then Jock Findlayson was surely sitting in with Gordo and the boys, at least for the first couple of years. Campbell doesn't just speak at all those Chamber of Commerce luncheons he attends. He goes to get his marching orders from the folks who purchased the leadership of the BC Liberal party for him!

Sleepswithangels, while I appreciate your funcky humour, your downtown crew would be better off working with people and not monckying around so much!


I would laugh at your suggestion...but considering it's's just pathetic.

Bud who the heck are you anyway? Tones issuing a "vendetta unto death" is malicious gossip. And why would you trade in untruths?
What's your motivation?
Brenda Makeechak

"Bud who the heck are you anyway? Tones issuing a "vendetta unto death" is malicious gossip. And why would you trade in untruths?
What's your motivation?"

Excuse me, Brenda Makeechak, but who the heck are you anyway???

As you well know, Brenda, I am not dealing in untruths at all. I heard Tones make these remarks. If you work for him or with him, ask him if he denies threatening any BC NDP MP with a labour background with certain defeat if they supported Audrey McLauglin at the 1989 Convention in Winnipeg. Ask him if he made these threats in the Fort Gary Hotel.

As to motivation, Brenda, you can tell us what your motivation is by telling us whether you work with Tones or for him.

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