King me!

Earlier, your humble organ reported the British Columbia New Democrat's women's rights committee was pushing for the adoption of a party harassment policy that would apply to "issues of race, politics, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities as well as sexual harassment." And what happened to that policy when it was discussed at provincial council, you might ask? Well, according to our operatives, the motion looked like it would be rubber stamped. The provincial executive passed a motion of concurrence. And representives from the women's committee spoke in favour of the motion. But, just as a vote was about to be called, something happened - Port Coquitlam-Burke Mountain delegate and former federal election candidate Charlie King opened his mouth.

Stepping up the microphone, Mr. King slammed the motion on the grounds that party staff shouldn't be responsible for the enforcement of that policy. Human resources experts should. A back and forth debate followed. And then party treasurer Cheryl Hewitt moved the motion be referred to the constitutional and party affairs committee for further debate rather than passed. A standing vote was held. And council narrowly approved the referal - with cries of shame echoing in the background.


What a shame! What message does this send to women when a bunch of white yahoos from the suburbs can ban together and defeat a progressive motion like this.

What else do you expect from a guy who ran on a platform of scrap-the-gun-registry and hang-criminals-from-the-tallest-tree?

see for yourself:

This guy's in the wrong party.

Three words: right wing asshole.

Good for Charley. I see the same communists and flat earthers who hate his guts on audra's Liberal-funded Babble bucketshop are shouting him down here as well.

Who were the cries of shame intended for? King? Or Hewitt, who as deliberately dishonest cowards like 'Whitemales..." know full well comes from a Vancouver riding? Once again, we are getting the Vancouver City snob factor, revolting claims to moral superiority based on address and postal code. With supporters like the three yahoos above, the NDP has, as usual, a heavy burden to carry.

"the same communists and flat earthers who hate his guts on audra's Liberal-funded Babble bucketshop"

Man! You writing make me brain hurt!


Your knee is jerking again...a nice hot cup of camomile tea will help with that. As someone who has been banned from babble twice..I can safely say that the "liberal" funding quip will inflame many...gotta luv it.
I also love the fact that it seems many out there in Hicksville despise urban lefties. My goal in life is to infuriate as many right wingers and rural rubes as possible. In doing so I am ensuring a lifetime of laughter..the best medicine of all and one of the 6 Pillars of Longevity.

You know, Budd, you seem to spend a lot of time criticizing the Liberals and the NDP. I think you must be part of the Free Dominion-Tory-CanWest conspiracy. It's the only plausible explanation.

I'll keep reading Sean's pieces, as they provide useful information, but reading the comments section here is a waste of time.

A true epiphany. Took you long enough.

Thanks for all your help, obscurantist. Anything I can do in return?

BTW, ... why is it only a "conspiracy" theory when it doesn't conform to the existing group think of the audience? How is it that if a pattern of behaviour is blindingly obvious, some people still insist on hearing the word of an insider before they're prepared to believe that you can infer intentions from actions?

As for Babble, this article may help to explain their financial exigencies:

It's my understanding that since that time the flow of Federal Funds though Montreal-based Alternatives has increased, but perhaps you have information which is more up to date. This is from memory, a post on babble almost a year ago by some Tory type who I at first argued vehemently with, saying "What's your problem, ... what about the tax deductible Fraser Inst, etc., etc." Later, it started to dawn on me what the real political significance might be.

Rabble admits to funding from, among others, British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, Canadian Auto Workers, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Canadian Union of Public Employees and PSAC. It's worth noting that the notoriously ethical Vancity Savings Credit Union provided funds for CCPA on the understanding that the arrangement remain secret.

Well Steve, if Rabble is funded by labour and professional organizations, I suppose one might expect it to take a pro-labour stance. And some might be bothered by that, but not me.

It's my understanding, as I said, that Federal Funding has now become a critical ingredient in the mix. If that is NOT the case, I will withdraw my insinuation that Federal (spelled L-I-B-E-R-A-L) Funding has had an impact on the editorial climate and mentality at Rabble and Babble.

Your knee is jerking again...a nice hot cup of camomile tea will help with that.

My goal in life is to infuriate as many right wingers and rural rubes as possible."

Well sleepswithangels, thanks for the tip about the tea, but I have tried camomille and have decided that I really prefer scotch. Here's a tip in return. Try targetting Jordan Bateman, and whatever you do, ... don't fall into the terrible trap of misplaced subtlety. Think "Full Throttle", or "Full Blast" as your editorial model.

Thanks Budd

I like the idea of virtually "throttling" my prey...after having stunned them with a "blast".

This technique is not difficult to master as it involves skewering the prey with their own typically feeble POV.

...just a bit of sport to add some laughter to the workday.

What about Charlie King is right wing? I don't understand it, because I have looked at his website and there is nothing that I disagree with, and I am a long time New Democrat. He looks like a guy who has a lot of common sense.

I an sick of the politically-correct NDP brass trying to play thought police. Good on King and others for getting rid of this ridiculous policy!

Charley should be IN FAVOUR of this policy. Since when is he against anything that it is draconian? Have a look at his website and see all the things he is in favour of. A sex offender registry, mandatory minimum sentencing, the atrocities of the Israeli government, the war on terror, and the war on drugs. Suddenly he's against a harassment policy because it's too harsh? Hmm...


Looks like CK adopted a redneck sensibility to get elected in the redneck suburbs..and it worked. Good for him..with his MP's salary coming in he can return his basement to it's former recroom glory.

Elected? He lost, which goes to dispel the idea that you can't elect a left wing candidate in the suburbs. If you look at his website you can see why he lost. People don't like it when candidates lack the solidarity to stick with their party's principles and message. That's probably what did him in.


I guess that means Charley will have to hang a few extra lights for...ahem....xmas.

What on earth does this mean?

"D'oh!" is a modern, populist cultural reference related to the article's heading.."King me!"

Hanging lights in Charley's recroom for xmas has nothing to do with the grow ops he is fond of trashing...and George W. Bush should be awarded the Nobel Peace prize.

sleepswithangels you are really strange... really

I don't know what people have against this Charley King, he seems like the perfect antidote to the Swend Robinson/Jack Layton NDP which has no relevence to anyone. He seems to me to be the perfect guy to represent the suburbs.

people are strange

That sure brings me back to 1965..women seem wicked when your're unwanted...damn..way too early in the day to light up

Charley strikes me as the type who should be in politics and away from the classroom...a teacher of minds that young should be focused entirely on the job at hand...not crusading like a CCRAP wannabe..pandering to motherhood issues.

So in other words politicians shouldn't be real people who also happen to have real jobs? Given the type of people you speak for, that must be your belief. I guess politics should be left up to the elite in your view, especially a Vancouver elite.


I was specifically referring, or was that reefering, to Charley who seems to have run for the wrong party.
Some people are born to be politicians, others fall into it and then there are those who can't cut it in their chosen fields and decide they will bring their mediocrity to the masses...witness the various clowns and catamites who run for CPC/CCRAP.

Good for Charlie! Wherever there is an establishment to kick in the nuts, he is there!

The base salary for all MPs is $69,564. As well, each MP has a non-taxable expense allowance of at least $22,950 (it may be higher, depending on the MP's riding). MPs also get a housing allowance of $12,000 for accommodation in Ottawa. Charley may kick them in the nuts, but he will still pocket better than $104,000/yr in the unlikely event he is ever elected.

Is King running again? His website hasn't been updated since 2004?

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