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New Democrat warhorse Gerry Scott is putting himself out to pasture. In an interview with Public Eye, the provincial secretary confirmed he would be resigning his post in Decmeber. "I have the view that about three or four years is the right length of time. There's no rule in these things. But I feel that it's just the right time to move on. I feel good about what we did. The election's over. The convention will be over. So it's a good time for a change. We'll get a new face here with some new ideas in a different period."

When asked what he'd be doing with his time, Mr. Scott said "I'll certainly help out with the federal campaign which will be cranking up after Christmas or maybe even before." And is there any recreational activities he wants to pursue? "Oh, yeah. I like recreating. Yeah," the provincial secretary deadpanned.

Mr. Scott, who was once married to former interim New Democrat leader Joy MacPhail, was appointed secretary in April, 2003. He occupied the same post from 1984 to 1987. Mr. Scott was also once the David Suzuki Foundation's climate change program director, former premier Dave Barrett's constituency assistant and a campaign manager for Mike Harcourt, when he was running to become mayor of Vancouver. Mr. Scott's retirement was quietly announced at last month's provincial council and provincial executive meetings.


I wonder if Gerry will be going back to the Suzuki Foundation in order to help organize the Charge of the Light Brigade against Gateway?

Certainly having Scott in that role would increase the stress within the NDP as the Surrey and North Valley MLAs support highway expansion, as do voters throughout the Lower Mainland and all across Canada. Unfortunately for the NDP, some East End MLAs, such as Shane Simpson and David Chudnovsky, are emotionally and ideologically opposed to any highway expansions whatsoever, even the twinning of the Port Mann bridge, which the Harcourt Govt promised to undertake in 1995!

Undoubtedly one of the reasons Mayor Larry Campbell was delighted to be appointed a Liberal Senator was to be well out of the local scene when certain WestSide property interests and EastSide political interests team up for a war on the auto, the freeway, the bridge, everything. Larry's supporters in Vancouver would have insisted that he take a leadership role in this Quixotic venture. Larry can now go to Ottawa and lecture the Randy White's of this world on progressive drug policies, while Derrick "Saab 960" Corrigan is left to lead the children's crusade against the auto, the freeway, the bridge, etc. Assuming Corrigan is not defeated in November by some Liberal that is.

The Port Mann bridge should be demolished and recycled. Commuters could then pitch tents in Stanley Park during the week and join the 'cattle' drive home on Friday. Those who can't swim well will provide nutrients for a revitalized fish and crustacean population. The dead vehicles will be recycled into rickshaws to be pulled by former auto and transportation industry workers. The last few right wing politicians and their corporate paymasters will be aging in re-education camps/gulags.

I'm not kidding....just wait a few more decades. The resulting lack of pollution will ensure life spans of 100-150 years...provided you haven't spent your formative years (and most of your adult life) ingesting processed food, dead animals and pharmaceuticals.

Actually, I think I liked the earlier camomille tea prescription better, even if scotch is still best. However, if you post this on Babble, you'll get a pretty favourable response.

Sadly (smirk), I've been banned twice on Babble for intemperate remarks...it seems that political correctness rules the roost and what passes for a sense of humour there is sophmoric at best.
The most recent banning was a result of my initially posting something which irritated the sensibilities of something or someone named "Chubbybear". I responded to his/her/it's indignation by suggesting that I could send over a truckload of Snickers as a peace offering.

Next thing you know...bye bye deep forbidden lake.

The first time involved my pushing the envelope as sleepswithangels in a thread about Sharia Law on the auntie.com section of babble. My crass references to priests, mullahs, rabbis and fat lezzies are still there...enjoy.

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