Till nomination day do us part

Earlier, we reported the Non-Partisan Association's returning officer Jacques Leger would be reviewing 194 questionable names on the civic party's membership list. Those names were identified by mayoral nomination hopeful Sam Sullivan's campaign as possibly not being eligible to vote at tomorrow's nomination meeting. But there has been some backroom grumbling about Mr. Leger might not be the right man for that job. The reason: said backroomers point out his wife Mary Pynenburg is the federal Liberal candidate for Burnaby-New Westminister. And Mr. Sullivan's competitor, former provincial cabinet minister Christy Clark is also a card-carrying Grit. But, in an interview with Public Eye, association president Paul Barbeau said Mr. Leger "has acquited himself perfectly in this process. There is absolutely no reservations on the part of the organization with regard to the independence of our returning officer."


Don't get me wrong, I dislike the federal liberals as much as any intelligent Canadian Citizen. But this seems like a desparate attempt by the Sam Sullivan campaign to discredit Christy Clark in any way possible. Give me a break, just because this guy's wife is a federal liberal, his impartiality is questioned? I know that the federal liberals aren't the most honest bunch, but this is REALLY stretching it. If Mr. Sullivan is THAT concerned about losing to Christy, perhaps he should just bow out gracefully and run for city council again, instead of being mopped up by Christy Clark tomorrow.

I supose the person guilty of "discrediting" one person or the other is s/he who leaks the backroom grumbling to the press. Could be Ms. Clark's people trying to make Mr. Sullivan's people look unreasonable, or Mr. Sullivan's people trying to make Ms. Clark's people look shady. Who knows?

Pynenberg was an allan rock supporter. not part of the marissen/cunningham martin crew. no need to fret.

No matter who wins, the NDP will be a bunch of organic cucumber-buying cappuchino-sucking freaks, Christy or Sam.

As for COPE, it sucks. And Jim Green looks like Jabba the Hutt. Egad. Maybe I need to run for mayor of that place.

Then again, I'd rather stay in beautiful Hope, BC.

Sorry, I meant to say NPA. I've got the Federal NDP on the brain. Or maybe it was a freudian slip.

I'm off to Arby's to get me some oven mitt...

Take it easy on those Arby's non-food inputs, Dagmar. You'd be much better off going to the Standard Station for some true BC White Spot burgers. Great pictures on the wall of the day the Hope Princeton was opened!

As for the Federal NDP, I think Jack is starting to get some greater familiarity and acceptance across the country. I saw him last summer at a BBQ in Mission and it was a fine affair, the crowd loved him. He was relaxed and had Olivia Chow with him, ... it was their anniversary for Christ sakes and there they were out on the campaign trail.

I see a major uptic coming in the next campaign for the Federal NDP in BC, as the provincial party is now recovered, Jack is more on top of his game, and the problems in both the Tory and Grit parties are more painfully apparent.

In fact, a special $2 prize should be awarded to outgoing Tory MP Gurmant Grewal. With one ill-conceived operation he demonstrated how untrustworthy the Liberals were, ... and how untrustworthy the Conservatives are, too! Nice going Gurmant, ... in an odd sort of way you actually earned your salary!

Degrees of separation...

One of the campaigns that NPA camapign boss Greg Wilson infamously screwed up (royally) was Mary Pynenburg's.....suck to Jaques Leger...Wilson was an Allan Rock supporter as well. that's who appointed Leger.

So, let's all say this together now children

"THE FIX IS IN....."

Say hello to Christy Clark for Mayor, by intimidation, bending the rules, getting under the table assistance from the NPA campaign boss, and thumbing your nose at the reality of what Vancouverites are really about.

You have to hand it to the NPA leadership. They learned nothing from 2002.

well... 'A Conservative' ....what do you think CC is mopping up today.....lot's of vomit and shit no doubt.

You sure know how to call em.

Does anybody else see the obvious here? BC Libs can always try and recycle themselves as CPC retreads.
Once a neocon...always a neocon

Somebody ambitchous enough to try and make us believe that the reason she left cabinet was to look after the little git then turns around within months to try and usurp a stepping stone to Ottawa... would pull a reverse Stronach quicker than Mike Duffy could demolish a caseload of canapes.

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