Do the NPA's bylaws have a faint hope clause?

Last night, a special meeting of the Non-Partisan Association's board of directors was held at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel to discuss concerns about the mayoral nomination process. Those concerns were contained in a letter sent to the board last Friday by Warren Smith, a representative of nomination hopeful Sam Sullivan's campaign. Those familiar with the letter inform us the Sullivan campaign challenged the eligibility of 194 new association members to vote at the upcoming Saturday nomination meeting. According to review of 429 forms conducted by the campaign, those members aren't on the provincial voters list. Additionally, Mr. Smith questioned whether former Campbell administration cabinet minister Christy Clark's mayoral nomination campaign paid for the memberships of those they signed-up. If that were the case, those sign-ups would also be ineligible to vote. And what was the board's view of those complaints, you may ask?

Well, according to our operatives, the association executive passed a resolution to have the civic party's returning officer Jacques Leger review the 194 questionable names. But the board questioned the relevance of whether those voters were on the provincial list, noting association bylaws simply require members to be eligible or registered to vote in Vancouver's civic election.

As to the second challenge, the board has told the Sullivan campaign there isn't evidence to support such concerns. And it dismissed a suggestion that the association should have some kind of verification process ready on Saturday to determine everyone who's voting is eligible to vote. The board's view was that such a process already exists: voters need to have their membership forms on hand and sign a declaration stating they are 18 years of age, a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident and eligibile to vote in the election.

Of course, none of this will sit well with the Sullivanites. We can already feel campaign manager Colin Metcalfe's blood rising. But whether that pressure finds a release remains to be seen.


A sure sign of weakness in Sullivans' membership drive when he is challenging memberships based on the provincial voter's list.

Christy will win huge.

I was actually leaning towards supporting Christy until she decided to enter her head into the BCTF dispute today. Given her rather abrasive track record with the BCTF, to suddenly poke her head in the provincial door and ask that an olive branch be tossed out is the lowest form of opportunism politics that there is, given her track record. Clearly she looks at the BCTF differently when she needs to garner municipal support and knows a good deal of the membership resides within her future would be kingdom

If Christy would like to play Provincial politics she should not have bailed out in the first place. Sullivan now takes my vote.

Sounds like 10% of Christy's members aren't on the votors roll. Thats hardly surprising -the provincial list is hardly definitive, as anyone who has scrutineered a poll would know.

What I find more interesting is that there seems to be an admission that someone didn't destroy their 2005 voters list as required by the Elections BC licence.

What Warren fails to mention is that almost every single one of the people on his hit list are Indo-Canadian.

He also fails to mention that only a portion of the people on the list were actually signed up by the Clark campaign. He also fails to mention that many of the people didn't match the voters list because there were mispellings and usage of middle names rather than first names, etc. He also fails to mention that many of them have been in Canada for three generations. Since the turn of the century. They still wear turbans, but they are every bit Canadian as anyone else.

This is intimidation pure and simple. Colin Metcalfe learned these intimidation techniques in the Young Republicans when he was in university, as an ardent devotee of Ronald Reagan. He was the President of the Young Americans for Freedom, a far-right organization that is foreign to Canadian values of tolerance, openness and compassion.

The Democrats in the United States get a disproportionate share of their support from visible minorities -- so the game down south is always to stop them from participating as much as possible.

Give it up Colin. In Canada we welcome people from everywhere across the globe.

Would you ask each and every WHITE person for their citizenship papers in order to vote?

No, because you would take them at their word.

Well, someone at Right Wing HQ thought it would be a great idea to have a highly publicized race for the nomination. And some provincial Liberals thought it would be great if they could entice the disobedient Christy Clark into taking a humiliating fall. And some even more scheming national Liberals actually wanted Christy to win, becuase they are all on the Marrissen payroll.

Now all these conflicting cynical ambitions are colliding into one another, helter skelter, like jallopies on the Mission Race Track during the Demolition Derby event.

NDP and Labour types watching it all from a safe distance, an ice-cold beer in hand, are enjoying the show and using some pretty choice language to describe some of the more satisfying hits. Voters meanwhile are rapidly discounting their previous estimates of the NPA's overall managerial competency quotient.

I can't wait to see how all the Christy Clark-Mark Marrissen stuffs spills over into the federal election, affecting such Liberal Stars as David Emerson and Stephen Owen.

Harumph...dude...chill out....

So the Sullivan campaign challenged 194 names. If "many of the people didn't match the voters list because there were mispellings and usage of middle names rather than first names, etc." that, by very definition, makes their memberships "questionable". So they were questioned. And reviewed. And presumably, if they qualify, they'll be allowed to vote.

Why should it matter that "only a portion of the people on the list were actually signed up by the Clark campaign"? Eligibility doesn't depend on who signed you up, it depends on whether or not you're eligible. I live in Richmond therefore I'm disqualified from voting in the NPA nomination despite my desire to do so? If I had joined on my own initiative (as I have in the past), does that make me any more or less qualified to vote? No.

I have no idea who these 194 are - though you presumably do to the extent that you seem to have quite the intimate knowledge of their personal details - but come nomination day if I've signed up using my commonly used Anglo-Saxon middle name and it differs from the Anglo-Saxon first name that appears on my drivers licence, voter registration, Vancouver utility bills, etc., I too expect to be questioned. Post-questioning, I expect to be qualified. This is what one should expect in a transparent and fair democracy.

You assail Mr. Sullivan's campaign manager by employing stereotypical - and transparent - smear tactics yourself. Pot calling the kettle black, eh?

Sam Sullivan deserved better after 12 years on council than to have his run for mayor blown by some washed up, north vancouver republican wanna be. The american style vote suppression techniques being employed by his campaign are backfiring, turning off long time NPA members and unfortunately this likely means an end to Sullivan's aspirations for higher office. It just goes to show how one bad judgment call, i.e choosing a poorly regarded, inexperienced campaign manager can ruin what should have been a great step up for a thoughtful and respected local politician. I sure hope Sam decides to stay involved after Saturday. He will be needed on council during the next three years.

All this shit about American style suppresion techniques is making me want to throw up Bush style-and i hate the bastard.

Metcalfe may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but the election was Christy's regardless. Zlotnik's stepson Andrew Graham is on the board and along with his pal Presidente Barbeaux, they have let the beast in the campaign office, Greg Wilson, loose to suck up to his federal liberal whipmasters.

It's the only way to rescue a sagging campaign. The NPA has spent thousands on bad hires and misfires of policy, it's an internal joke amoung a majority of candidates, majority of board members and those in the know.

Cut the crap about Ameriocan politics you sound like Tim Louis, Metcalfe's a cuckoo doesn't turn into to racism.

Put the race card away, it's wrong on this one. This is just a case of the NPA eating it's young again. Watch how they lose the election period.

By all means, throw up then.

Unfortunately, scumbag Metcalfe is in the federal West Van riding, not North Van.

As an NDP supporter and a Union member, I wish I could tell samsupporter and Nobody's Fool and JJBC and harumph and Threep, and yes, even Kevin Larsen just how much I have enjoyed reading their collected postings here. If this be music, .l. let the band play on!

I'm laughing so hard I'll bust my gut
NPA's new motto should be "Everybody Loses"
Certainly the citizens of Vancouver will if these clowns ever control city hall again.

Yep. I wuz at the npa nomination shindig yesterday.

There were busloads and vanloads and carloads of people from the Christy Clarkz side. Talk about blatant and obvious opportunisism.

My sikh friends told me that all their memberships had been paid for by Mark and Christy's campaign...and that their people knew how important this is to collect government favours for their community. In fact, he quipped that his grandmother and uncles don't even live in Vancouver and don't what an npa is...but they get a free visit to the city, get a free meal and meet friends.

Sam won the nomination anyways.

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