Guilt-free apologies

Liberal backbencher Lorne Mayencourt wants you to be able to say your sorry. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Mayencourt said he's working on drafting The Apology Act for introduction during the current legislative sesson. If passed, the bill would allow British Columbians to apologize to a grieved party without worrying about admitting guilt or liability - as is currently the case.

"Oftentimes. I think that individuals who have been wronged are just really looking for an acknowledgement of that," explained Mr. Mayencourt. "And that acknowledgement can change the tone of how people deal with one another. And it might result in a speedier resolution of very important issues for people."

Mr. Mayencourt is now for drafting newsworthy private members bills, having been the driving force behind the government's safe streets legislation and the soon-to-be re-introduced Safe Schools Act. A version of this article was originally published in today's edition of 24 hours.


I think he should start by apologizing to us, the voters, for his last five years in office.

Paving the way for Gordo to appologise for selling off BC to his American friends?

Aplogizing is something that is important for us to be able to function as a civil society, the fear of legal retribution for doing the right thing is not something we need in our society. The nature of the law, as it stands, is for people to hold back from working towards reconcilliation.

Lorne's private member should have the effect of reducing some of the adversarial nature of conflicts in our society. As one more tool in dispute resolution, it is a good thing to consider

In 1996, during the Nisga'a hearings, I suggested that the government look to the type of apology that was done in New Zealand as part of the Maori process. One of the MLAs on that the committee was very interested in the whole idea of apologies and such - that was Tim Stevenson.

The idea is a good one and I support it completely

Lorne Meinkampf's history-making struggles as a downtown sophisticate really are breathtaking for those of us who lead less thrilling lifestyles in less exciting corners of the provincial realm.

To someone like myself, saying "No thanks" to a panhandler begging for change takes about 1.2 seconds and uses well under 1 calorie of energy. So I never could understand why so many of Lorne's sophisticated Yaletown and West End supporters were so delighted with his Safe Streets Act. What was the big deal about saying "No" to beggars? Why was a statute needed?

But this just goes to show how horribly unsophisticated people like me really are. Perhaps it's the result of drinking improperly prepared coffee, but I just didn't understand that for those people in our society for which fashion and image are EVERYTHING, ... well, ... the indignity of having to deal with a dirty, smelly bum or hobo is just sooooo depressing. So when Lorne brought in his Anti-Bum & Hobo Act, the residents of the Downtown Peninsula were truly impressed!

And now Lorne is going to help with a whole new brick in the image and manners game, a statute providing for costless apologies. I wonder if there's a lawyer at some company like Ladner, Borden, Gervais, or one of the other well-known anti-union legal firms who specializes in supplying Lorne with this earth shattering material?

Hopefully I will be receiving an apology from the guy who bit off a piece of my ear in 1990.

That, and about $20,000 of reconstructive surgery, should make me whole...

Soon to be followed by the carefully crafted, two pronged "Please and Thank You" and "Clean Undies" bill winding its way to a legislature near you.

Why does Lorne give his critics so much ammunition?

... And don't forget to eat your vegetables!

All one needs to say is "Without prejudice, I apologise..", but alas, I'm sorry for legalizing what can already be done.

Too phoney...

We don't use that term here. We call them backbenchers -- that is what they prefer to be referred to as.


Daggy, the PC police

PS: I was referring to your use of the word 'vegetables', not the word 'eating.'

I couldn't resist this one. Sorry. Lorne Mayencourt's entire political career could result in criminal charges involving theft and fraud... of monies from the BC Taxpayer into his pocket. People are looking for leadership at all levels of life, not just government. And what gets press and publicity... a self absorbed, snivelling, self grandizing moron, who comes up with ideas that frankly aren't relevant in today's society. Frankly much like him on the political scene in BC.

Thank goodness that there's a viable strong opposition in Victoria to give the scribes something else to chew on, rather than Mayencourt running around in tights calling himself "Safe Streets SuperLorne." But I fear that the media has become addicted to nonsensical bs after having suffered through 4 years of it.

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