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Back in May, while at The Vancouver Sun, Public Eye reported some Campbell administration hierarchs were ruminating about the creation of a "central agency to coordinate and communicate government policy." So it came as no surprise when the government announced in today's Throne Speech that there would be a new "permanent policy secretariat to work on cross-government priorities that will report to participating ministries through a deputy ministers' committee."

Later, during a scrum, Premier Gordon Campbell added the secretariat was "really a cross-ministry agency where assistant deputy minister people will try and pull people together and submit reports to a deputy minister's council."

He then explained, "One of the challenges that I found when I was in government over the previous four years was there wasn't really the integration I really wanted to see in ministerial activities." And the secretriat is meant to deal with the present lack of integration.

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I believe the governmental buzz word for this kind of thing is "horizontality". Love it or leave it!

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