And they call it democracy

Last week, in 24 hours, Public Eye reported the provincial New Democrat's affiliation committee had its last meeting on August 30 where they approved a final report on the controversial subject. In an interview, party president Jeff Fox said "we are anticipating we will get (the report) in the next couple days and in anticipation of that we've set up some meetings and briefings with the executive." A copy of the report will then be distributed to provincial council members in advance of its upcoming weekend meeting. But what exactly is in said document? We don't have an answer just yet. Although, according to our operatives, labour representatives on the affiliation committee were none too happy with the fact the report was approved via majority vote rather than consensus.


As if ending Labour affiliation is the end of our problems. Please. At least unions are populated by people who work hard for a living and don't expect everything handed to them on a silver platter. Working class values are something the NDP can't do without.

And, let me put this another way. Which is more of a pain in the ass in the NDP? Unions, or the Women's Rights Committee? I know which I'd end affiliation with first...

Hmm...Carole James first internal party challenge to her leadership. It's pretty clear that Labour is set to flex its muscles and give Carole a spanking.

Don't talk about spankings (see next article above) or the NDP PC police will be all over you and breaking out the latex gloves (you ever been profanity searched, Billy?)

I anticipate that this report will be couched in such cautious, circumloquacious language that it will be nearly impossible for an uninitiated person to glean any concrete meaing from it at all. In the end, the party will decide to move forward, but probably not in one large step. Instead, there'll be some incremental moves that probably don't satisfy anyone, but at the same time don't completely dissatisfy anyone. Sort of like elevator music.

circumloquacious - where o where did you get that term and what in bee jeesus does it mean?

Hey, it's Dagmar.

What is circumloquacious, anyway? Is it a special covenant with God?

As a troll, I'd like to know.


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