The right man for the job?

Earlier, Public Eye reported Columbia Basin Trust Energy Inc. - part of the locally-controlled Columbia Basin Trust - was looking into purchasing the Crown-owned Columbia Power Corporation. The trust informed government of its intent on June 20. And now your humble organ has learned Columbia Basin Trust Energy has hired a number of consultants to work on the takeover agreement - including former chief executive officer Ken Epp. Said hiring is sure to inspire much confidence among those who follow the trust's increasingly Byzantine machinations. After all, astute readers will recall Mr. Epp resigned from his post following completion of an audit that found him to be in an apparent or perceived conflict of interest. The reason: during his tenure, Columbia Basin Energy awarded $2 million worth in contracts to the company Mr. Epp was working for.


What a Scam

One arm of government paying another arm of governmet $2 Billion dollars?

Only the lawyers and bankers benefit from this pork.

I am appalled to see the Columbia Basin Trust appoint Ken Epp, a person who was found to be in both a perceived and potential conflict of interest overseeing the planned takeover of Columbia Power Corporation.

Lorne Sivertson, the CEO of Columbia Power Corporation has already resigned in disgust and both the Liberal government and the NDP opposition are content to let the foxes take over the henhouse.

Plans are already afoot by the Trust to cancel the Waneta expansion project which is a money maker so the Trust will have more funds to direct towards their all too often money losing loan portfolio.

Of course should the Trust has run the Corporation into the ground the provincial government can then sell the insolvent for a song to either BC Hydro or a private sector anergy company.

the trust is a joke,, it has been mismanged for years,and displays the complete in- eptitude of all involved, god bless the farmers and uke,s.

from small towns come small brains,, there is money in them hills and valleys, resources for everyone,,lets go get it....


I think that Jane is right when she predicts that the Columbia Basin Trust will mismanage the Columbia Power Corporation into bankruptcy.

If that happens that would indeed be a golden opportunity for the Campbell government to step in and then sell the Power company to a private sector company or to BC Hydro. Remember it was only a year or so ago that the Trust tried to sell its 50% stake to BC Hydro with the Campbell government's full approval. The Trust backed off only when local residents made clear our strong opposition.

But in the meantime what of the millions of trust dollars that continue to flow to ZE Power, the same ZE Power that Ken Epp worked for when he was CEO of the Trust, the same ZE Power that Ken Epp still works for!

I understand why Minister Richard Neufeld turned a blind eye to all this he simply doesn't care that much about anything outside the oil and gas sector of his ministerial responsibilities. But why haven't people like Corky Evans the NDP Energy critic said anything at all about this scandal?

Remember Corky it is union contruction jobs that are going to be cancelled when the Trust takes over and cancels the Waneta expansion project.

In any event it is the people of the Kootenays who are once again getting rooked while the politicians look on with indifference.

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