Sage advice?

Bureaucratic water coolers are bubbling with news of swashbuckling assistant deputy minister Beth James' latest adventure. Astute Public Eye may remember the former West Annexer had been posted to human resources last year, overseeing the ministry's human resources division. But, as of the last cabinet shuffle, Ms. James has been toiling away at small business and revenue's valiant 14-person small business and regulatory reform division. And rumours abound she's contracted Sage Group Management Consultants for some sort of tight-lipped project related to that division. The good folks at the public affairs bureau have yet to confirm those rumours. But, in an interview with Public Eye, Sage Group partner and former deputy minister Doug Allen, told us "we're in the process of talking to her. But that's about all I can say at the moment." The Sage Group, which also includes former assistant deputy minister Catherine Holt, has worked on a number of troubleshooting contracts for the Campbell administration.

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But why spend all those tax dollars to hire Doug Allen and his Sage Group when the province will probably ignore all his "sage" advice just like they're now doing at MCFD. Or is the idea to get him on the payroll so that he can't say "I told you so" about the unfolding chaos at Community Living BC?

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