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24 hours columnist Bill Tieleman was one of the leading voices opposing electoral reform during the recent referendum. And, according to financial reports filed with Elections British Columbia, he certainly put his money where his mouth was. Mr. Tieleman, the president of West Star Communications and a former government communications guru, contributed $3,000 in money or services to KNOW STV - the group that agitated against the single-transferable vote system proposed by the citizens' assembly. But he wasn't the only donor.

Jim Inkster, past president of the Northern British Columbia Truckers Association, also contributed $2,000 to KNOW STV. Former Socred Attorney General Bud Smith kicked in $1,400. And ex-deputy minister Bob Plecas donated $1,000. Meanwhile, YES to STV was bankrolled, in part, by a $10,000 cheque from Green Party financier Roy Ball. Societies in favour of changing the way we vote also contributed $11,672.41 - which includes donations from the United Kingdom's Electoral Reform Society and Australia's Proportional Representation Society.


Aren't foreign donations illegal? Time to charge some people.

I know it's illegal in the United States, but I don't know about Canada, nor do I know about laws governing British Columbia referenda.

The donations were in full complaince with BC's election act.

In the referendum all people were treated as election advertising sponsors, there was no formal Yes or No proponents. Up until early 2005 there were no regulations at all with respect what you could spend in a referendum.

There are no restrictions as to who can give money, you only need to report the names of people or organizations that gave over a certain amount ($250 I think it was) - so donations from elsewhere are legal

Interesting revelation -- shows that the passion in his anti-STV columns was genuine and personal.

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