Outsourcing would not be an option

Many column inches have been plowed reporting on the upcoming round of public sector labour negotiations. But government and its creatures aren't the only ones who will be occupied by collective bargaining this fall. This week, provincial New Democrat MLAs will start hammering out a new contract with their constituency assistants, who are represented by the British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union Local 701. Presently, those assistants make between $34,548.57 and $39,317.04 annually. But they're looking for a raise that will push them over the $40,000 a year mark.


My understanding is that the MLA constituency allowance has not been increased since 2001, meanwhile office leases and utilities have increased dramatically. This could put some of the NDP MLA’s in the larger Urban Ridings behind the 8-Ball, more so as I am certain none have asked Telus to install phone lines....

Keep in mind most rural MLAs need to have 2-4 offices and phones in each one......

Valid point Bernard, however if all MLA’s receive the same constituency allowance based on 2001 levels, it will be more difficult to pay 2005 rent and 2005 utilities along with BCGEU wages. This puts NDP MLA’s at a disadvantage.

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