Immigrant labourers

Apparently, New Democrats in British Columbia weren't the only party members who wanted to defeat the Campbell administration. Card-carriers from other provinces also got in on the act. According to financial reports filed with Elections British Columbia, the Alberta New Democrats contributed $4,808 by loaning out their provincial secretary Laura Nichols to come work as Carole James's anchor - the staffer responsible for scheduling the leader's cross-province campaign tour. And donations from the Ontario New Democrats and the federal New Democrats, totaling $8,020.81, paid the salaries of two imported day planners and travel costs for those out-of-province staffers. A version of this article was originally published in yesterday's edition of 24 hours.


Not to be rude, but BFD, Sean. Can't imagine all the many Ottawa-based federal Liberal politicos stayed out of the ball game either.

So name one.

No kidding. Name one. I'm sure Paul Martin wasn't chomping at the bit to give up his staff to help Gordon Campbell after Campbell went to Ottawa shortly after becoming BC Liberal leader and declared that the BC Liberals would have nothing to do with federal Liberals.

I will say that it isn't really news...or at least new news.

The main difference between the NDP and other parties is its link to the other provincial and federal parties. It is a long standing practice older than myself and Sean that staff and activists from across Canada work to help each other in elections.

The above isn't designed to support or attack...simply provide information.

I admit that people working together always makes me worried. When everyone is kicking the crap outta each other...that's when sh*t gets done!

Richard Tones

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