Electoral lubrication

Good cheer wasn't the only thing bar owners were serving up during the election period. According to financial reports filed with Elections British Columbia, at least 47 pubs dished out $63,780 to the Liberals - mostly in the form of separate $1,000 donations. Under the Campbell administration, the province's liquour laws and regulations governing drinking establishments have been relaxed. Those changes mean such establishments are now eligibile to serve alcohol until 4:00 in the morning and cold beer and wine stores can sell spirits. But pub owners who wanted to open more of those stores were furious when the Campbell administration scrapped plans to privatize provincial liquour outlets. The Liberals have since soothed those savage feelings by permitting private liquour stores to purchase booze at cheaper prices. A version of this article was originally published in yesterday's edition of 24 hours. The following is a complete copy of donations made by identifiable pubs to the Liberals.

Foggy Dew Irish Pub Inc., $1,000.00
Foggy Dew Irish Pub, Coquitlam Inc., $1,000.00
Fort Langley Pub and Grill, $3,000.00
Four Mile Pub Ltd., $1,000.00
Fox and Hounds Neighbourhood Pub, Beer and Wine Store, $5,000.00
Fox 'N Hounds Sports Pub, $1,000.00
Golden Spike Pub, $500.00
Garry T's Neighborhood Pub and Restaurant Ltd., $1,000.00
Jericho Pub Inc., $1,000.00
Jimy Mac's Neighbourhood Pub, $1,000.00
John B Pub Ltd., $1,000.00
Artful Dodger Pub, $1,000.00
Sanz Neighbourhood Pub, $4,000.00
Martini's On Martin Bar & Billiards, $500.00
Millers Landing Pub Ltd./Cat & Fiddle Pub, $1,500.00
Moonrakers Cold Beer and Wine Store, $500.00
Paddlewheeler Neighbourhood Pub, $1,500.00
Queen's Cross Beer and Wine Store, $1,000.00
Queen's Cross Pub, $1,000.00
Raven Pub Limited, $1,000.00
Rhino's Pub and Grill, $1,750.00
Riders Pub a div of Horse and Rider Neighbourhood Pub, $1,000.00
River's Reach Liquor Store, $1,000.00
Robin Hood Pub and Beer and Wine Store, $1,000.00
Rock'n Firkin Pub Inc., $1,000.00
Roo's Pub and Grill Ltd., $1,000.00
Rusty Gull Neighbourhood Pub Ltd., $1,000.00
Sailor Hagar's Pub Inc., $1,000.00
Sawmill Pub and Restaurant Inc., $1,000.00
Shark Club Sports Grill Ltd., $800.00
Shooters Bar and Grill DBA 6788646 B.C. Ltd., $1,000.00
Sidetrack Pub, $1,000.00
Sisto's Neighbourhood Pub Ltd., $1,000.00
Sundowner Beer and Wine, $2,000.00
Sundowner Neighbourhood Pub Inc., $2,000.00
Tabor Arms Pub Ltd., $2,000.00
The Beer Store Ltd., $3,240.00
The French Quarter Pub, $1,500.00
The Hook and Ladder Pub, $1,000.00
The Landing Pub and Beer and Wine Store, $1,000.00
The Mirage Nightclub, $1,000.00
The Pump Jack Pub Ltd., $1,000.00
Tumbleweeds Neighbourhood Pub DBA 559411 B.C. Ltd., $1,000.00
Tuder Horse Sports Pub, $1,000.00
Whiski Jack's Pub Cold Beer and Wine Store, $1,000.00
Woody's On Brunette Pub, $2,990.00
Sawbuck's Pub and Liquor Store, $1,000.00

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