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Today, The Vancouver Sun is reporting "political fundraiser and longtime NPA stalwart Marty Zlotnik said he first approached (former provincial cabinet minister Christy) Clark with the idea of running for mayor last week. He said NPA supporters are trying to convince Clark that being mayor of Vancouver is an attractive position." Public Eye broke that story yesterday.


she'll never win though!

"Faaaaan-tastic" qualifications: She's a long time Port Moody resident

Yep - Crusty would make the best mayoralty candidate for Vancouver since temporary resident Bill Vander Xalm.

If Christy Clark ran for mayor of Vancouver, it wouldn't necessarily be just because she wanted to win. After all, when Vander Zalm ran in '84, it helped to keep his name in the news in between his departure from cabinet and his successful run for the premier's job two years later. Clark (why can't we come up with more original names for BC politicians?) may be looking to do something similar - to keep up her public profile, in advance of a federal campaign or a provincial leadership run.

Does it dawn on any of you negative commentors that Christy is being asked to run for Mayor. She didn't stand up and volunteer. Anyone think Sam Sullivan is a better, more compelling mayoral candidate than Clark? Didn't think so.

I'm not surprised COPE and Vision supporters hate this idea. They know they would steamroll a Sullivan ticket. Christy is a compelling personality, a political moderate and someone who can give Green a real run for his money. A terrible idea!

I agree with this last post:

It would be sweet if she'd run, because a) she'd lose, but likely polarize left voters enough that they got behind Green; and b) it would take out Sullivan, who I think really is a compelling mayoral candidate, even if I think his politics are outrageous, and his personal demeanor exceptionally creepy.

I Think is so great she could possibily be running for Mayor of Vancouver. She'll kick COPE's Ass Out of The City cause NDP don't know how to run a City Nor make good Policies.

Go Christy!!!

I just can't take this idea seriously. Can anyone think of a single instance where even a member of council, let alone the Mayor, of ANY Greater Vancouver municipality has come from outside that municipality? Name one single instance where that has happened. There just aren't any I'm aware of.

Ever heard of the concept of moving? Are we so parochial that we think someone who was born and raised and lived most of herlife in Greater Vancouver isn't equipped to be mayor of Vancouver? Is Burnaby not NEXT to Vancouver.

Joy MacPhail did a fine job representing her constituents in East Van last term, while living in Shaugnessy, did dhe not?

I'm sure if she decides to run and wins, she and her family will be quite happy to move from Port Moody to Vancouver, even though its like oh my god, 45 minutes away!

Good idea for Christy to run for Vancouver. Hopefully then she'd have to move there. I envision a world where all freaks and uppity ivory tower snots move to Vancouver (those that already aren't there) so the rest of us can enjoy ourselves.

Go Christy Go.

Ans not it's your turn, Vancouverite...

I think Sam Sullivan would make a good mayor.

He has proven himself on council. He is socially progressive and financially conservative.

He has a heart for Vancouver and has done a lot for this city. He speaks his mind.

I remember very early in the current term Larry Campbell was giving Sam a severe tongue lashing. I was amazed at Sam's composure and the way he listened intently to whatever Larry was talking down to him about (it was during a council meeting, I think it had to do with the olympic referendum). There was no fear or cowardice in his Sam's demeanour. To me Sam was showing the ultimate respect for the Office of mayor.

Just what we need. Nazi's running the province and a Nazi running Vancouver.

I believe the second writer had it correct. She wants to keep her name in the news and somebody will have to pay for her to do that.will the NPA bankroll her?

So much for getting out of politics to nurture her young son.

Jim Green must be chuckling. Losing control of the city after so many years of doing just about what they want might be making the NPA a bit desperate.

I just have one question.
What has she done for Vancouver and Sam Sullivan hasnt?
If she can't answer this question, then gimme one reason that she should become the Mayor of Vancouver, other than her being a media whore, no offense.

I just have one question.
What has she done for Vancouver that Sam Sullivan hasnt?
If she can't even answer this, then gimme one reason why she should become the Mayor of Vancouver, other than her being a media whore, no offense.


Can't be for real.


No fawning Gary Mason column (yet).

Hillary Clinton ran in new York and lived in Arkansa -- she got elected Senator. I think Christy can do it.

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