My dear Watson

Good news for underemployed provincial Liberals: back in June it was decided (but not announced) Elizabeth Watson would be leaving her post as managing director of the board resource and development office - the bureau responsible for vetting appointments to provincial agencies, boards and commissions. Some Liberals have partially-blamed Ms. Watson for the present shortage of government bum-warmers for party members. The reason: under her watch, government introduced guidelines to ensure those filling such seats would at least have some qualifications to be there - aside from their politics.

But, in an interview, the premier's press secretary Mike Morton laughed off suggestions rank and file dissatisfaction with Ms. Watson had anything to do with her departure. Instead, Mr. Morton said Ms. Watson - who has been with government for the past four years - was leaving to "pursue other opportunities." Ms. Watson did not respond to a request for an interview. A version of this article was originally published in Friday's edition of 24 hours.


Here's a couple of stories for Sean Holman to track down. What's a fair comparison of the performance, in terms of quality of appointments, as between Mike Harcourt's "patron of patronage" (a term of complete non-endearment coined by Keith Baldrey), John Pollard, and Gordon Campbell's pick for the same role, Elizabeth Watson.

Second story is: How does the press treatment of Watson differ from that given to Pollard? Is the difference reasonable?

Typical right-wing media not to disclose what big business/corporations donated to the Liberals.

Sean = Liberal ass kisser, right-wing punk.

As background it is worth reading the Globe & Mail article from September 10, 2003 (

One of the most politicized agencies that was put under the Board Resourcing Office is the BC Labour Relations Board (whose adjudicators, known as Vice Chairs, today number about ten, down from eighteen in 2001 - see

In what I suspect was an unprecedented move, on April 16, 2005, the Vancouver Sun contained an ad soliciting applicants for the position of LRB Vice Chair (the remuneration being $104K). Since then another of the Vice Chairs has resigned in the middle of her term, yet there has been no new appointment. For this agency the BRDO doesn't seem to be working too well. Hopefully this is not typical of the general state of affairs in those agencies for which the BRDO oversees the appointment process.

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