Adding more detergent to the spin cycle

Just a quick note from Denise Champion, the public affairs bureau's casualty replacement officer (Public Eye passim): according to an email leaked to your humble organ, Rockpile resident Barb Ewens - previously a senior aide to Tourism, Sports and the Arts Minister Olga Ilich - has joined the bureau as an events coordinator. Astute readers will know the bureau's events planning branch has become something of a retirement capital/emergency escape hatch for political hacks, presently staffed by the likes of former assistants Sheryl Exton, Cheryl Maitland and Pavan Nirwan. The following is a copy of that email.

Good Afternoon.

Just a quick note to let you know that, effective today, Barbara Ewens has accepted an OIC appointment to the Public Affairs Bureau as an Events Coordinator.

Please join me in welcoming Barb to the Bureau!

Denise J. Champion

Director, Operations and Human Resources
Public Affairs Bureau

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