Going for the gold

Patrick Kinsella, perhaps the most powerful provincial Liberal backroom boy in the province, and Mark Jiles, Premier Gordon Campbell's constituency campaign manager, may soon be doing business together. In an interview with Public Eye, Mr. Jiles, a former account director with public and government relations giant Hill and Knowlton Canada Inc., confirmed he and Mr. Kinsella have had a number of coffee conversations about how best they can pursue 2010 Winter Olympic business prospects. Mr. Giles, who now provides sports marketing services under the name Bluestone Ltd., said the two of them are "looking at advising companies on everything from sponsorship opportunities to procurement opportunities." Mr. Kinsella runs The Progressive Group, a communications firm.


Is it just me, or does this not appear just a wee bit sleezy and reek of backroom deals and conflict of interest as our unctuous politicos grease each others hands?

Thar’s gold in them thar hills ifn’ you know where to look in the Rockpile.

And I thought the Olympics were about sportsmanship and international goodwill, but no, it all about making a buck. Campbell & Co. are just showing the true nature of the Olympic Games, let the public pay for the spectacle and let the politicos and their backroom backstabbers make big bucks at taxpayer's expense.

Sorry, how is trying to get involved in the Olympic Games sleazy?

Thousands of companies (large and small) are gearing up all over the province. And I would assume that this would include voters from across the political spectrum (including unionized construction companies.)

There is nothing stopping anyone in getting involved, and yes, trying to build a business around the Olympic Games.

The sniping about who is getting involved is a little tired.

I know Mr. Johnston has issues with RAV from his other posts, but to accuse Campbell of getting the games to help his friends is a little ridiculous. As I recall, the Bid was started long before Campbell was Premier.

Cantstandit probably doesn't have a problem with insider trading either.

Nah, I think it's more that when Liberals (federal or provincial) take advantage of government connections, that's just good smart business. When anyone else does it, it's unethical and scandalous.

everyperson of b.c. has an oppurtunity to cash in on the olympics,, young old ,, fat and skinny,,,smart,, stupid,, and of course,, crooked. it,s all there..

if you can live your life without a handout,, go for it .
if not ,keep bitchen,,,,,,


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