Chief of staff's lair revealed!

The premier's chief of staff, Martyn Brown, is on the move - geographically speaking, that is. Public Eye has learned Mr. Brown's Cobble Hill residence is up for sale. Asking price: $359,995. The real estate agency responsible for the sale, Ken Neal and Associates, notes the "one owner home has been meticulously maintained since day one" (no surprises there) and features "a huge master with double closets and luxurious en suite including a corner soaker tub" - perfect for relaxing after a hard day's work running the province.

When notified Mr. Brown may be leaving his constituency, Malahat-Juan de Fuca New Democrat MLA John Horgan quipped, "I hope he'll be able to get the same steady representation wherever he goes. I would like him to stay within the boundaries though to help build a vibrant economy in the western communities because it really is a loss to the community. I'm saddened by his departure." No word yet on where Mr. Brown will be moving - although closer to the capital city is a good bet, according to the rumour mill.


Too bad Martyn wasn't leaving the province. But if he did I figure Gordo would lose big time as Martyn pretty well runs the place.
How stupid of me, when I attened a number of meetings around treaties the guy was in the corner and did not participate.He didn't look like a big operator. One MLA who wasn't government, nor a liberal, said he used to work for him and he was pretty far to the right of most folks. Gordo was still in opposition. I guess Martyn was just waiting to take over the operation.

I like the ! stone wall ! in the backyard. Surely there was a joke in that...

Seriously though, Martyn could use a trip to Urban Barn to modernize the furniture a little bit.

A bit intrusive, isn't this? While Martyn Brown can certainly be subject to political scrutiny, he is not a public figure. British Columbians do not need to know details about his personal affairs any more than they need to know about Joe Blow Civil Servant's private life. What's next? An expose on Martyn Brown's preferred breakfast cereal?

Cap'n Crunch, from what I hear.

Susan seems a bit hypersensitive. Martyn Brown is hardly an obscure civil servant. Like Tim Murphy or Scott Reid in Prime Minister Paul Martin's office he is a large and political player.

Holman, you are a horse's ass. You have taken an otherwise sometimes informative (not all the time, of course) and moderately well-written blog and turned it into a gossip column, worthy of little, if anything at all. Even if Brown were front row in public life, one's house should be their home, without intrusion and affront. You crossed the line on this. Sometimes, Sean old boy, you need to actually cover ALL sides of a story, with balance and fairness, rather than to facilitate your personal biases with opportunities to kick people you don't like in the teeth. I guess it was a (typically) slow news day for you. Brown's home was off limits, and as someone who loves to constantly toot his own over blown horn about what a great columnist you are, you should have known better. Your judgement is no better than some of your incompetent gossip mongering friends, both in Vancouver and Victoria.

The sycophants and other servile self seekers in politics, like you, will survive--not. Go out and do some real work and get a real story, instead of worrying about people's homes and personal opinions and the like. Talk about real policies and matters that affect citizens, rather than corner soaker tubs and your usually one sided (mis)perception of "inside" events at various political "places".

Ever since you got sacked at the Sun, you've come up with little substance.

Secret admirer--why do you (or any of the other handles you give yourself to disguise who you really are) have such an ax to grind about this blog? If you don't like, don't read it.

Martyn Brown is fair game. If you don't like this blog you have the God given right as a free person to ignore it.

Martyn Brown must be racking his brain about how this was leaked to Mr. Holman.

I am sure that the brilliant politicos in the west annex, who helped deliver the major electoral victory in May, must be working overtime to figure this one out.

Martyn Brown quitting is news. Martyn Brown getting fired is news. Martyn Brown being abducted by aliens is news.

Martyn Brown moving is not.

I don't disagree with "Mike" that Martyn Brown as a person who shapes public policy is "fair game" but there are limits. The fact that he is moving is beyond those limits.

People have to come to terms on what is fair when it comes to people in public life or public service. People (all people) should be able to expect a modicum of privacy and their home and family should fall within that zone.

Hah! This is great!!

A) Sean Holman, don't ever stop reporting these little things. They're fantastic!!

B) Martyn Brown is a pretty big time guy, I'm sure he can handle it.

C) Wow, why would anyone get so excited about a few paragraphs on a website? Seriously, it's not as if the guy's been attacked or anything.

Mr. Holman, as evidenced in the past, is perfectly capable of being fair and accurate, unfortunately, he's slipped considerably as of late. I am concerned, as a British Columbian, that blogs like these do not serve the public purpose when the they are frontloaded with biased one sided information. The Brown house sale story is part of a similar problem. Martyn Brown is fair game if something he said or did affected British Columbians one way or another. Similarly, if he was canned or laterally promoted, but his house is his home, and that's off limits. It should be for everyone regardless of how far up in the public pecking order they are. Holman's report was classless, in this case. Perhaps it's a wake up call to him and his cadre of sycophants that there are those of us who are watching, very carefully, and will not tolerate second rate BS reporting anymore, or cheapshots.

Who's really paying the bills at Public Eye Online? Now THAT would be a story. Bet you they're all be quite left of center bleeding hearts, who care more about the gossip attached to political theatre than actually helping people live better lives, in a world that is a better place.

Take a chill pill Eleanor. I have my opinion like you have yours. Lie down for a awhile.

Let me get this straight, "your secret admirer". YOU log into a website that offends you. YOU vent your spleen on the internet. Rather than ignore the website that offends you, YOU obviously continue to log into this website because you responded to mine post within minutes. And you say I'm the one who needs a chill pill?


Actually, I thought about it and you should lie down, like I said.

If you're real name's Sheila and you like Tequila.....get a grip.

Misinformation and smear jobs, allowed unchecked, become reality, thanks to "open minded" folks like you.

With all due respect to YOUR SECRET ADMIRER, you seem a little too upset with the report regarding Martyn's house. If I was a suspicious person I would be inclined to think you were doing this to score some brownie points with Martyn Brown. You may be a member of the team who needs to show his imperial highness that you are worthy of his attention. Its no secret the West Annex is really disturbed with the juicy little gems that Sean is able to dig up regarding the morning meetings and Martyn's participation in those meetings. My sources have told me they have worked themselves into a lather trying to find the leak. To start raising questions regarding who is paying the bills at Public Eye Online smacks of McCarthyism. Let me get this right, if you attack Caesar you are automatically deemed to be "an enemy of the state". Give me a break!! You may recall Sean wrote about the fact that Paul Ramsey had sold his home and moved to Victoria.

Sorry Mike. Wrong answer again. Wanna try for triple jeopardy? Sean Holman is a capable writer whose intelligent concept of a "not conservative, not progressive" blog is now openly defrocked of even one shred of credibility. He overwhelmingly attacks, as he puts it, "starboard" leaners, and that, my meandering Mike, is BS. It was no more appropriate that he focused on Ramsey's house--it's tasteless and overzealous. An absolute invasion of privacy. His tidbits about meetings and the like are great and fair game. If the lot in Victoria are upset about this, tough titty, that's Holman's job, but pointing out where Brown's family rests at the end of the day is nonsense and bereft of ethics. This all started years ago when a bunch of "portside" leaners decided to "rest" on Grace McCarthy's lawn in Shaughnessy and it has gone unchecked ever since under the guise of "peaceful" public protest. In fact it's out of control. More BS. No wonder we can't elect a better calibre of politician--ON EITHER SIDE OF THE AISLES both here and in Ottawa. It is high time in this Province, that the sensible folks return to the process of protecting the people and Government and take back from the linguine left in the press, basic freedoms and rights that were usurped years ago. I wouldn't care about Sean's ramblings if he were an idiot, but he is a good writer who usually gets at least half the story accurately. That's still poor, but better than most political scribes in this Province. If I thought he wasn't much better than being a guttersnipe, I wouldn't care, but I can name off the top of my head at least two major "stories" that he claims to have broken this year, where his personal bias (read personal relationship/friendship) lead him to write polyanna pieces with loads of misinformation and total bias--and a couple of times the printing of lies. That's not reporting.

And why not question where the dough for this schmo comes from? Who questions the questioners, Mike? You need a reality check friend. Nice spin calling it McCarthyism. If people can't take the heat, get the hell out of the business of pretending that you are writing a balanced albeit admittedly "irreverent" (which is good!) blog. Just tell it like it is. If you want to read about hardworking, highly connected right of center political folks and/or parties getting regularly slammed, and most of the time for no relevant reason, this blog is currently the best place for that kind of crap. Simple.

If Sean goes back to what he's capable of, I'll be the first to stand up and cheer.

Bennett's beach house was not off limits, Zalm's little fantasy was not off limits, Clark's house was not off limits (just ask John Daly), Campbell's house is not off limits and Brown's house is not off limits... especially since he has consented to show it to the whole world wide web.

And yes folks, it is news.
It might not be stop the presses
and ring the church bells news, but...

If Brown does not want to be a public figure, then he can try the private sector.

Dear "Idiot",

Nice to see that there are still "idiots" in this Province advocating that the media getting involved in the publically insignificant personal business of civil servants (or politicians) all because others did the same job in the past, is a-okay. Both Zalm's "garden" and Glen's house were significant as they were part of the landscape of the relevant issues of the day. Zalm's house was "housed" in the northwest corner of a public place of business. And Daly's joing in on the raid of the then Premier's house, while tasteless, was obviously relevant considering the circumstances. Bennett's house was also okay as he invited the media to witness the backslapping with Jack Munro, but neither is Brown's nor Campbell's houses were ever relevant to anything in Government. The method of advertising is not the point. If it's on the web, so what, your efforts at shameless deflection are as good as Mike's.

Notice also that Brown is NOT a political public figure. (even though he's served this Province better than some politicians whose asses he saves/ed)

Interesting to see what would happen to you, "idiot", if any biased reporter decided that YOUR house was a mark, and saddled up your driveway/boulevard and decided the kids and the spouse notwithstanding, Mr. Reporter was there to "information gather", for as long as he/she wanted, for the sole purpose of a smear job. Bet you'd feel like an "idiot".

Great "name" you picked.

Thank you YOUR SECRET ADMIRER. You have shown your true colours by stating "Brown is not a political public figure (even though he's served this Province better than some politicians whose asses he saves/ed". You can remove your lips from his back side, I am sure you will get your "call of appreciation" from Martyn with that statement. This guy is a opportunist, pure and simple. In 1996 he was merciless in attacking Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals. He was quoted several times telling people he would never work for Gordon Campbell. All of a sudden, bam Martyn Brown has seen the light (or should I say the $$$) and decides to become the Chief of Staff to the official opposition in 1997. Martyn has deluded himself into believing he won the provincial election of 2001. Give me a break. The NDP lost that election, the BC Liberals did not win the election in 2001. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that brilliant political advice Martyn gave to Gordon Campbell leading up to the election in 2001 to give an interview to the Health Care unions where he tells them that he won't rip up their contracts if he becomes Premier. That was a really great move, pure genius. Any simpleton with even limited intelligence knew the contracts awarded to the HEU by the discredited NDP during their last year in office were front end loaded and not fiscally responsible. In 2005 Martyn was boldly predicting 55-65 seats to his followers at Campaign HQ. This time Martyn did have some influence on the campaign, he cost the governing party seats in ridings they should have won, does Cariboo North and South ring a bell just for starters. Did you read the column by Russ Francis where he describes the caucus retreat before the last election and Ceasar's (sorry Martyn's) speech to those pesky MLA's telling them, and hold onto your underwear, they should stop pissing off their local constituents if they want to get reelcted. There was almost a riot, MLA's started to heckle Ceasar (sorry Martyn). If it wasn't for the Premier interjecting they would have lynched him on the spot. You have got to give your head a shake. Martyn couldn't punch his way out of a paper bag let alone be the saviour for this or any other government. Talk to a some of the people he worked with when he was with the Socreds, once they stop laughing I am sure they will tell you all about Martyn.
I almost forgot another brilliant bit of advice from Martyn. Lets set up these Health Authorities, take accountability away from the local MLA's and tell these so called "captains of industry" to run the health care system free from political interference. This is great in theory and on the chalk board, there is however, only one problem. At the end of the day MLA's are the only ones who are accountable to their constituents, not some faceless supercrat who sits in his/her fancy office making important health care related decisions like spending $500,000 on designing a new logo for their health authority. The last time I checked Martyn Brown makes $150,000 plus, those pesky MLA's who are really nusiances to be tolerated make $75,000. Sorry Martyn, you are fair game and will be as long as you call the shots.

I think, as a side column, Sean should post Your secret admirer's IP address so we can all see that it comes from the Premier's office.

"Mike" and "Secret Admirer" have created enough useless text to fill an honours thesis. Question: It's Monday, hot, sunny, and the middle of August. You nutbars should be doing one of three things: 1) enjoying the sun. 2) working. 3) Rediscovering your manhood and, if you're lucky, women.

Hmmmm... maybe Mike and Admirer should split a flat of beer and see what happens... Or, you could pool your money and buy the damn house, since you are so obsessed with it.

This story is bullshit. This blog is bullshit. You guys are bullshit. Grow up!


Not one of the last three postings deals with the issue here. Just typical left wind threats to invade someone's privacy and sidebars about Martyn Brown's performance in Socred days.


No one shold have their right to privacy invaded perriod. That's what this is all about.
Don't like Martyn, fine, but messing about with his personal life when it has nothing to do with politics is idiocy.

Deal with the issues. This blog has lost it's balance, and the borwn story is just a shining example of the same.

Sorry Mr. Brown, I don't work for the Premier or the Liberals. I am just concerned, as you should be, with what limits the press can go to, to trivialize a man's personal life because they don't like him. Even you should be pertrified of that.

Mice try. See you later boys. It was fun once again exposing the loonie left.

"NUTS", you are right. The weather is nice, the sun is shining, we should be drinking beer and enjoying ourselves. "SECRET ADMIRER", I may not agree with with you say, but I must confess I understand your argument. Isn't democracy a great thing, we can speak our minds, agree to disagree but most importantly of all, we can do it in a forum that doesn't involve car bombs etc.

Glad to know ya Mike. You're a formidable chap. Articulate and straightforward. Maybe we should write for Holman and provide some balance :}}}}}} You certainly know a lot abour Martyn--some of it true.

We're agreed to disagree pal. It is indeed part of democracy in action.

Enjoy the sun and take care.

I would hope at some level, unless there are allegations of wrongdoing, we could draw the line between fair game and foul. I think this crosses the line.

"Notice also that Brown is NOT a political public figure. (even though he's served this Province better than some politicians whose asses he saves/ed)"

So said Secret Admirer. Well it's no secret that this statement is neither an accurate statement of fact nor a defensible opinion. It's just totally wrong, utterly false.

Martyn Brown is indeed a political figure and he is a major political appointment. His actions, including major private actions such as real estate transactions are a legitimate matter of public interest. What surprises me is that his house is "only" worth $350K. In today's real estate market that makes Brown a bit of a pauper compared to most of the big name activists in the Liberal Party, and here I draw no distinction between its federal and provincial wings.

To say Martyn Brown isn't a public political figure is to say Karl Rove is also off limits to the American press. No one's gonna buy that. Whether the sale of his house is of public interest, though, is another question -- although it IS public information. I'd hope, however, that Mr Holman and Public Eye Online would stick with the collection of snippets, rumors and occasional facts that make this site worth checking, and leave the personal stuff alone. It really shouldn't be that difficult a line to figure out.

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