Thicker than water

The Social Credit Party may be little more than a page in British Columbia's history books. But the party's youth wing seems to be making something of a comeback. In an interview with Public Eye, ex-Socred youth president and Simon Fraser University alumni Robin Dhir confirmed he's invited former fellow travellers to attend a reunion in Coquitlam on August 27.

Said Mr. Dhir, "at the end of the day, we're all right-wingers of some sort. And regardless of whether you want to be labelled a Liberal or Tory, we're definitely not NDPers. And we're definitely not federal Liberals. So it's a reason to get all those people together and stay involved."

And why stay involved? "At some point some of our friends are going to run - someone like (Transportation Minister) Kevin Falcon has run in the past and we got involved in helping him," explained Mr. Dhir. So the group will be looking to assist other former Young Socred candidates in the future.

Mr. Dhir, now a business development manager with Kodak Canada Ltd., also added he and a number of others a looking at formalizing the group so it can do charitable work.


Sounds like another bit of friction between the elements within the Coalition, in this case, a move to exclude Federal Liberal types. IOWs, a move to limit the power of Wally Oppal and Carol Taylor.

No friction with the Coalition. Just the legends
and those who really know how to politic getting
together. Whothehellis Carol Taylor?

The organizers do not have contact information for everyone, so if any former Young Socreds and Friends of Young Socreds are interested in attending, we'd love to see you. Please contact us.

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