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The colourful Jamie Lee Hamilton, who ran unsuccessfully as a Coalition of Progressive Electors city council candidate back in 1996, wants a spot on the Non-Partisan Association's park board slate. In a leaked email, sent last Thursday, Ms. Hamilton - who was also a federal Green candidate in the 2000 election - invited friends and supporters to a Monday evening organizing meeting at the Jewel of India Restaurant. The reason: "Jamie Lee will be throwing her hat in the ring (Parks Board) and you are requested to come out and brainstorm some great campaign ideas."

According to our tipsters, attendees included former TEAM and Green city council candidate Bev Ballantyne, former provincial Liberal candidate and park board chair Laura McDairmid, school board nomination candidate Michelle Mollineaux, former Progressive Democratic Alliance candidate John Spark and ex-Tory nomination hopeful and independent city council candidate Ryan Warawa. Interestingly, all of those attendees - minus Mr. Spark - ran in the 1999 civic election. At that meeting, Ms. McDairmid also reportedly expressed an interest in making a bid to join the association's city council slate.

Ms. Hamilton, a sex trade activist, has been a somewhat controversial figure. Back in 2000 she was charged with running a common bawdy house when it was revealed she allowed some prostitutes to use an East End property as a brothel/safe house - charging them $15 per visit to cover expenses. Those charges were stayed. And a year later, The Vancouver Sun reported Ms. Hamilton used money from her government-funded drop-in centre to help finance her city council campaign in 1999. At the time, Ms. Hamilton said her campaign would repay some of those expenditures - which had been approved by the drop-in centre's board of directors. A version of this article was originally published in today's edition of 24 hours. The following is a copy of the aforementioned email.


-----Original Message-----
From: tricia foxx
Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2005 6:31 PM
To: jamie hamilton
Subject: Organizing Mtg for Friends of Jamie Lee

Hi All

There is an organizing mtg regarding non-partisan municipal politics this Monday August 8 from 6pm-8pm at Jewel of India located at 52 Alexander street in Gastown.

Jamie Lee will be throwing her hat in the ring (Parks Board) and you are requested to come out and brainstorm some great campaign ideas



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Given Jamie Lee's tireless blogging and other work on behalf of Vancouver Burrard Liberal Lorne Meinkampf, I wonder how many of Lorne's riding executive and key campaign workers will be attending this event???

The allusion to Lorne and Nazis is utterly uncalled for.

National Socialism was an odious and hideous anti-gay political movement. Gay men were routinely send to concentration camps - the intent was the extermination of all gays.

Use of references to Nazis belittles the horror that they visited upon the world. I suggest that you spend a day at the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre http://www.vhec.org

You might politically disagree with him, but making allusions to the Nazis is just wrong. This is like that horrid BC Business cover of the NDP in Nazi uniforms.

Agree entirely with Bernard. Maybe that is why Budd got banned from Rabble...

But on a different note, is this the best the NPA can come up with?

The election is 3 months away and with the exception of Sam Sullivan they have very few people qualified to hold office on their slate (I don't include Peter "Burrard Street Bridge fiasco" Ladner in people qualified for council anymore.)

Right now, it looks like the NPA wants COPE/Vision to win again...

personally, i like 'lorne mayendork', seems rather more a propos to my mind.

I like Lorne and Mary Polak together. I sure hope they are sitting beside each other when the House begins this fall. If there is a god, (s)he (it) will entertain us this way!

M. Harcourt and G. Clark showed up in Nazi-like uniforms NOT on the cover of NC Business; rather it was the now-defunct Equity
Magazine. At the time, its 'associate publisher' was (now) Vancouver Sun - Global TV - CKNW "business analyst" Michael Campbell.

And who can forget Premier Bill Bennett's repeated references to the NDP as "National Socialists" the night he called the 1979 provincial election on province-wide live TV.

Those were the days.

yikes is quite wrong about my being banned from Babble. It wasn't for Nazi references, though I should tell everyone here that use of the term "feminazi" on Babble is considered a bannable offence, and that's been done to others.

Rather, I was banned by the great audra trouwer estrones williams, backed up the Editor Sheila Fraser, and the Former Editor, Judy MacDonald, because I had the temerity to quote and discuss the actual Babble policy statements on posting etiquette, and I did this as a male posting in the Feminism forum. One of audra's handmaidens, called Scout, complained that I was trolling or hijacking the thread and I was banned. For quoting the rules. That's life in the moronic world of rabble/babble, ... an appropriately named forum if ever there was one.

As to why I think a Nazi reference is a good fit for Lorne, it has to do with the time he got a postal employee suspended for protesting in front of Lorne's constituency office. I happened to be near his office that day, and saw him going around the block tearing down any posters that the protesting posties had put up, even as people were reading them. It smacked of soft-core authoritarianism to me.

Plus, his whole Safe Streets gambit has a kind of Down With Losers quality to it that makes me wonder, and reminds me of "master race" thinking. I suppose shop keepers do need some method of dealing with addicts who are disrupting their businesses, but Lorne's Act doesn't focus on deadbeats parking themselve in stores and taking up space. It has to do with aggressive pandhandling and other truly piddling matters that involve the interaction between the beggar and the public, not the cleverly disruptive addict and someone's business.

In any case, Bernard and his Bill Barlee Minster's office companion, Mike Geoghegan, can get together with Lorne Meinkampf and help elect Jamie Lee. Just make sure that Mike doesn't start making lewd remarks about how hot Jamie is and that's why we need to elect her.

Hi Budd:

I was up camping with the family and so missed your little posting.

Actually you got that backwards, I am saying we should vote for candidates based more on their capabilities and views and not just on what their gender ethnicity sexual orientation or hotness factor may be.

I have never met Jamie so I have no idea if she is hot or not nor do I care. I can say as an inidivudal with libertarian leanings that I am very impressed with her views regarding the decriminalisation of prostitution.

However as I live in the municipality of Saanich I don't get to vote in the Vancouver municipal elections.

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