The political becomes the personal

Canadian Union of Public Employees provincial communications representative Daniel Gawthrop's name will once again be gracing bookstands across Canada. The author of Highwire Act Power, Pragmatism, and the Harcourt Legacy is coming out with a new book that's more personal and perhaps even more political than his previous offerings - which also included Affirmation: The AIDS Odyssey of Dr. Peter and Vanishing Halo: Saving the Boreal Forest. Entitled The Rice Queen Diaries, the autobiography focuses on "the politics and pleasures of being a self-identified 'rice queen': a gay man who is attracted to Asians." The book, which will be available in September, has been at least seven years in the making. Back in 1998, The Vancouver Sun's Malcolm Parry reported the former XTRA-West editor, said "he's coming along nicely with The Rice Queen's Diaries, his roman-a-clef novel 'of reflections on ethnicity and desire.'" A launch party is scheduled for September 8 at the Lamplighter in Gastown.


What is nice to see about Dan is that he is not a writer stuck in one niche, but someone with a wide range of interests.

As someone that has been waiting for the book since 1998, I can not wait to go to the launch and read the book.

I do not know what book 6 will be, but I think it is time for Dan to write a book on his main passion in life - Hockey

I look forward to his book. He has a good insight that is often missed in the main stream.

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