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While at The Vancouver Sun, Public Eye reported on a sophisticated anti-provincial New Democrat Website that ran afoul of British Columbia election rules. The now offline site - NDP Fairytales - used a narrated cartoon to compare current party leader Carole James with past premier Glen Clark. Clever. But there were just two little problems. Number one: the site wasn't registered as a third party advertiser - a violation of the Elections Act. And number two: Elections British Columbia couldn't contact the violators because the Web address for NDP Fairytales had been registered using an American company called Domains by Proxy Inc., which purchases domain names for clients who want to keep their identities anonymous. But, following inquiries by your humble organ, the provincial agency contacted the company and managed to get them to cough up a name: Yaletown resident Eunji Jung - who, on Wednesday, was forced to file the appropriate registration papers.

So why is all this important? Well, NDP Fairytales looked very similar to another more controversial anti-New Democrat Website - The No-Tell Motel. That site, also registered anonymously through Domains by Proxy, suggested Ms. James was having sexual relations with union leaders. As expected, the Liberals have repeatedly denied having anything to do with both sites. But, at publication time, Public Eye has been unable to speak with Mr. Jung about these matters.

His cell phone appears to have been turned off and, thanks to intrepid 24 hours reporter Irwin Loy, Public Eye can report he is not listed as currently living at the address he provided to Elections British Columbia. Any further information from Public Eye readers about Mr. Jung would be helfpul. A version of this article was originally published in today's edition of 24 hours.


The No-Tell Motel linked to Young Liberals.

The Province's Michael Smyth wrote on Thursday, May 20, 2004: "Speaking of the Liberals, the governing party is not mentioned anywhere on the website, which is registered through an anonymous American domain host.

But an e-mail I obtained yesterday links the racy website to the Young Liberals Club at the University of Victoria.

President Trisha Girard sent an e-mail to members on May 5 hyping the site: "Just wanted to say 'hi' to everyone and, while I'm at it, check this page out. Some of you might find it quite fun and amusing.""

That link was tenuous at best. I am guessing that a lot of anti-dippers fired that link around, the site was worth a smile.

I think if I remember correctly the motel room site was registered the same way as the fairytales one by someone in Vancouver - would indicate the first one was just a link 'forwarded' as opposed to the young libs in victoria actually having anything to do with its creation.

As for all those anti-Campbell websites out there, I wonder how many of those regsitered as third-party advertisers.

The reason I mention that about the motel one is a friend forwarded me the link a while before that Girard email was sent. I remember thinking for sure that she would have been cc'd on one of the emails that was flying around, and then just forwarded it on.

I just sent a bunch of my friends a link to this site. Now any slueth out there with Michael Smyth's stringent investigation skills, will have all the necessary proof needed to show that I am the true person behind Public Eye.

Reportedly, the No-Tell Motel video centred on visuals of NDP Leader Carole James have sexual relations with prominent BC labour leaders. This, according to Polkaroo, is terribly amusing.

How amusing would it be if a video showing Premier Gordon Campbell having sexual relations with the leaders of the BC Business Council, or the Management of CN Rail? How likely is it that the video would portray Campbell having sex with his wife Nancy? Would that be fair game? Where is the limit to good taste here?


Sorry, apparently you never actually saw the sight, there was no video or visuals aside from the outside of a cartoon motel, it was a flash cartoon with provocative (but not in a dirty way) sound effects in the background with thought bubbles highlighting the connection between the NDP and Big Labour primarily in terms of campaign donations.

It was amusing, and many similar things involving the Premier have floated around.

You dippers have to learn to lighten up, or get your facts straight. Quite a challenge I know, but it is summer - chill.

And apparently I don't understand the difference between sight and site! Stupid homonyms.

The site was a sight to see!

So in other words, a site suggesting that Premier Campbell regulalry has sex with big business heavy weights, and that his wife is involved, would just be good political humour. As long as the cartoon did not show nude characters and genitals? Is that what you're saying?

Wow Budd, you are fired up today. This plus the Lorne Mayencourt is a Nazi thing (despicable by the way) are definately making you seem like one of the more reasonable, down to earth posters on this site.

What I am saying is that people regularly say things like "Carole James is in bed with Big Labour" and "Gordon Campbell is in bed with Big Business" and that is what the site was saying. I am not sure if you follow this but when people say things like "in bed with big labour" they do not mean literally in bed but actually mean that they are beholden to represent the interests of the people. That seems to be pretty clear to most people but you seem to be having a little trouble grasping the concept.

Here is a definition:

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