Olympic Games secretariat organizational chart: now classified!

Earlier today, Public Eye made mention of the organizational chart for the provincial government's Olympic Games secretariat. That chart showed associate deputy minister Annette Antoniak at the centre of a small circle of administrative and executive support staff - all of whom, apparently, report directly to her. This somewhat bizarre graphic was the source of much snickering among civil servants, one of whom quipped "The only other organizational design that resembles this is the court of Henry VIII." But since we posted that story, the chart has been hastily removed. Apparently, such documents are now for internal government amusement only.


You can probably thank Antoniak's Director of Communications Darlene Haber for that. The former BCTV reporter was probably getting bored with that lack of a meaty story to keep her busy.

Anyone dumb enough to put a org. chart in plain view of a political columnist who's job is to keep tabs on the things government appointed corporations do, makes me wonder just how sharp the operation is being run.

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