Secreteriat on exhibition

Annette Antoniak, the associate deputy minister of the provincial government's Olympic Games secretariat, is known for stocking her office with memorabilia from the Pacific National Exhibition. Curious but not surprising, given that she once was the exhibition's chief executive officer. But it looks like trinkets aren't the only things Ms. Antoniak brought with her. A look at the secretariat's fascinating Antoniak-centered organization chart (referred to us by a helpful and amused Public Eye reader), turns up two new additions to the bureaucracy: corporate relations director Darlene Haber and chief financial officer Jeff Garrard. Competent individuals to be sure. But would it surprise you to learn Mr. Garrard was formerly finance and administration vice-president at the exhibition? Or the fact that Ms. Haber once sat on an exhibition advisory committee and co-produced a video honouring Canadian Gulf War soldiers which Ms. Antoniak, according to The Vancouver Sun, "solicited donations of talent, studios, engineers, cameras and lighting and sound equipment" for. Probably not. But then again, our readers are a cynical bunch.


Perhaps a more interesting question would be, what qualifications does Darlene Haber bring to the job? Maybe she is exceptionally skilled at dealing with the micro-managing PNE queen?

What qualifications? Maybe someone in the New Era gang likes her, and in BC that's seems to be enough

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