But what about their recycling policies?

Earlier today, CKNW reported "the company taking over Terasen gets generally good reviews from investors but it did have to pay a fairly hefty fine for environmental damage earlier this year. It was a Kinder Morgan diesel pipeline which burst new San Francisco Bay in April 2004, polluting hundreds of acres of wetland with diesel fuel. A year later the company pleaded guilty to four misdemeanour counts and paid $3 million in fines and another $2 million in environmental projects." Public Eye told you about that incident and several other safety and environmental concerns surrounding Kinder Morgan Inc. yesterday.

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Anybody know the history of Terasen?

I'm wondering how Terasen came to be.
My vague understanding is that it was once part of BC Hydro, then spun off of BC Hydro as a publicly owned Crown corporation and renamed 'BC Gas', then it somehow morphed into privately owned Terasen...

Any details on how BC lost this $7,000,000,000 asset would be helpful.


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