Carrot joined by stick

Environment Minister Barry Penner, a former park ranger, seems to be taking his duties as the province's green guardian seriously. On July 22, Minister Penner met with representatives from the Business Council of British Columbia at the organization's downtown Vancouver offices. During the hour-long meeting, Minister Penner is said to have told the representatives, who included council president and chief executive officer Jerry Lampert and executive vice-president Jock Finlayson, that the government stills wants to stop environmental problems before they start. But he added the business community can expect an increased emphasis on enforcing existing green laws. A version of this article was originally published in today's edition of 24 hours.

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Dear Mr. Holman,

Would appreciate the opportunity of reading your 24hrs columns outside of the 24hrs website, since they don't appear to archive issues.

I'm particularly interested in the "Carrot joined by Stick" story. Can you send a copy?

Keep up the great work!

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